The WEOL Morning Show


Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

8:10 Chef and cookbook author Jamie Gwen joined The Morning Show on WEOL to share a couple of simple summertime recipes that will help keep folks cool during the heat! (7:40)


8:40 Kelly McWilliams, author of Agnes at the End of the World, joined the show to talk about her new book and how it is perfect right now for young adults trying to cope with COVID-19 and global unrest. (11:48)


Tuesday, June 9th, 2020

7:40 Elyria Mayor Frank Whitfield and Maggie Rivera-Tuma (11:52) from Elyria Sunrise Rotary joined The Morning Show to discuss the Rotary’s upcoming pizza challenge! This year it is a “Drive-Up Pizza Shop” tour to encourage social distancing. Mayor Whitfield also spoke on some of the global unrest and why he believes Elyria is a great model for other cities to follow. (12:46)


8:40 Joel Marion, bestselling author and fitness personality, also appeared on the show to talk about why late-night eating is not actually a bad thing. (7:32)


Friday, June 5th, 2020

8:10 Suzanne Livingston, Director of the IBM Food Trust Network, joined the program to talk about the upcoming World Food Safety Day this weekend on June 7th. She also talks about the latest technology surrounding the food supply chain. (9:27)


8:20 Claudia Jones, President of the Oberlin branch of the NAACP, spoke about tonight’s “Moment of Solidarity” at South Park Pavilion in Elyria. (6:26)


8:40 Bestselling author Howard Blum discussed his new book NIGHT OF THE ASSASSINS: The Untold Story of Hitler’s Plot to Kill FDR, Churchill, and Stalin. This Saturday, June 6th, is the anniversary of D-Day. (14:03)


Thursday, June 4th, 2020

7:40 Our monthly visit with Lorain County Public Health involved Program Manager Katie Bevan! Katie talked about groups that are still at high risk of getting really sick from COVID-19 as well as how the coronavirus will impact the summer. (11:59)


8:20 President and CEO of Project Management Institute, Sunil Prashara, discussed how businesses of all sizes continue to navigate change wile still delivering on outcomes in this new norm. (9:05)