The WEOL Morning Show

Wednesday, 5/23/2018

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

7:40amPaul Williams tells us about his new book, The Killing of Uncle Sam, which shares the shocking details of how America was taken over by the an elitist machine. 12:24

8:10am – With Memorial Day approaching, many Americans will be hitting the road. Get tips for how to plan for the unexpected on your road trip with Emergency Physician Dr. Paul Stiegler6:23

8:40am – Not all strokes are the same. this morning national spokesperson for the American Stroke Association, Dr. Mary Ann Bauman, gave us tips for spotting strokes and spoke about the two types of strokes. 6:57

Tuesday, 5/22/2018 “Spotlight on Oberlin”

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018
  • 7:40am – Hear about the latest displays being promoted by the Firelands Association of the Visual Arts with Kathleen Jackson 9:17
  • 7:50amDr. Richard Hetsko of Oberlin Hearing Care talks hearing health 17:00
  • 8:10am – Hear what’s happening at the Oberlin Heritage Center with Amanda Manahan 7:49
  • 8:20am – What will be on stage this year at the Oberlin Summer Theater Festival? Find out with spokesman Paul Moser 14:10
  • 8:40amCathy Strauss from the Oberlin Conservatory joins the conversation 20:49
  • 8:50amKen Fraelich tells us about Common Ground 17:06

Monday, 5/21/2018 “Spotlight on Oberlin”

Monday, May 21st, 2018
  • 7:15am – Cleveland Indians Bob DiBiasio tells us how the Tribe are doing 6:14
  • 7:40am – Hear how things are going at Oberlin College with President Carmen Twillie Ambar  14:29
  • 7:50am – Find out what is being served at the Hotel at Oberlin with Chef Jim Barnhart 14:05
  • 8:10am – We talk art with Andrea Gyorody of the Allen Memorial Art Museum 13:13
  • 8:40am – Learn more about the Oberlin Kids program with Jenn Keathley 12:23

Friday, 5/18/2018

Friday, May 18th, 2018

7:40am – AS the Opioid Crisis rages on, pain specialists are looking into alternative ways to treat pain that don’t rely on addictive prescription pain killers.

This morning Dr. Todd Sitzman and patient Michael Lott talked about the non addictive approach to treating chronic pain. 8:56

8:10amState Representative Dan Ramos has introduced legislation to cover 90 percent of the expected family cost for students to attend college in Ohio. This morning he spoke with Craig and Bruce and explained how it would work.  7:50

8:40amCamille Di Maio talks about her new non-histroical romance novel The Way of Beauty18:41