2016 Nick Abraham High School Football Preview Show

On Monday, August 15th the Football Coaches of Lorain County met at Wolfey’s Bistro and Pub in Elyria. While they were there they sat down with Tim Alcorn and Rob Polinsky to talk about the season ahead of them. Below you can listen to each individual coaches interview by simply clicking on their image. You can also listen to the entire program by clicking on the image of Rob and Tim.

Dave Second Try Paul second try
Rob Duray - Vermilion Luke Durbin - N Ridgeville
Kevin Fell - Elyria Dave Dlugozs - Avon lake
Jason Ward - Columbia Eric Keisel
Dave McFarland - Lorain Rob Clarico - Keystone
Bill Fishliegh - Amherst Mike Collier - Clearview
Mike Passarello - Firelands Ray Lowe - Open Door
Sean Arno - Wellington DJ Shaw - Midview
full show