2024 Eclipse Recap

How breathtaking was that total solar eclipse? We hope you all enjoyed the once in a lifetime event!

Care to relive that experience? WEOL broadcasted LIVE during totality at Avon Lake Memorial Stadium.

Listen back as Ron Jantz and Jared Kozar take you through the sights and sounds of that historic day!

SILENT VOICES: People with Mental Disorders on the Street

Check out this week’s North Coast Conversation with our own Bruce Van Dyke as he was joined by author Dr. Robert Okin!

This week: SILENT VOICES: People with Mental Disorders on the Street (2nd Edition) is an updated book by psychiatrist Dr. Robert Okin. He spent two years on the street talking and photographing homeless mentally ill people. Dr. Okin talks about the national crisis of homelessness, the causes and some solutions.

Dr. Robert Okin

Local Boys Hoopers Earn All-Ohio Honors

Congratulations to all of our local high school boys basketball players who brought home All-Ohio honors for their efforts this season!

Division I

Jayden Crutcher, Elyria, Third-Team All-Ohio

Jai’den Guerra-Howard, Lorain, Honorable Mention All-Ohio

Griffin Turay, North Ridgeville, Honorable Mention All-Ohio

Peyton Lerch, Avon Lake, Honorable Mention All-Ohio

David Moore, Midview, Honorable Mention All-Ohio

Division II

Nolan Waechter, Brookside, Special Mention All-Ohio

Brandon Sharpe, Brookside, Special Mention All-Ohio

Jacob Radcliffe, Elyria Catholic, Special Mention All-Ohio

Division III

Sean Whitehouse, Wellington, Third-Team All-Ohio

Grant Hartley, Keystone, Third-Team All-Ohio

Liam Goran, Keystone, Honorable Mention All-Ohio

Jai Walton, Clearview, Honorable Mention All-Ohio

Division IV

Nathan Borling, Columbia, Second-Team All-Ohio

Anthony Januzzi, Open Door, Special Mention All-Ohio

RJ Penney, Open Door, Special Mention All-Ohio

Julius Moon, Open Door, Special Mention All-Ohio

Justin Smith, Columbia, Special Mention All-Ohio

Local Girls Hoopers Earn All-Ohio Honors

It was a tremendous year across Lorain County high school girls basketball, resulting in numerous of our local athletes bringing home All-Ohio honors.

Check out the article below from The Chronicle-Telegram’s Chris Sweeney, highlighting our DI and DII girls All-Ohio recipients!

Division I

Grace Kingery, North Ridgeville, First-Team All-Ohio

Kristen Kelley, Amherst, Honorable Mention All-Ohio

Leah DiFranco, Midview, Honorable Mention All-Ohio

Marisa Summerfield, Avon Lake, Honorable Mention All-Ohio

Molly Drenik, Avon, Honorable Mention All-Ohio

Division II

Isabelle Niederst, Elyria Catholic, First-Team All-Ohio

Kendra Hardwick, Firelands, Honorable Mention All-Ohio

Division III

Rocky Houston, Keystone, Coach of the Year

Brooklyn Barber, Keystone, Second-Team All-Ohio

Elise Champagne, Columbia, Special Mention All-Ohio

Brooke Lehmkuhl, Wellington, Special Mention All-Ohio

Helayna Houston, Keystone, Honorable Mention All-Ohio

Jessica Forthofer, Keystone, Honorable Mention All-Ohio

Division IV

Lily Pierre, Open Door, Honorable Mention All-Ohio

Clara McCown, Oberlin, Honorable Mention All-Ohio