Cobos Insurance Center Mat Report

This week on the Cobos Insurance Center Mat Report, Tim and Shaun name the top performers of the week, Avon Lake’s Alec Negron shows us his favorite move and we shine the spotlight on Bill Watters. Enjoy

In the Paint Presented by Dr. Karen Kramer

This week, Tim and Matt take a look at the years top scorers, name the Janasko Insurance Players of the Week, and let you know who is hot going into the postseason.


Scholastic Games of Lorain County Presented by Elyria Public Library: Lake Rige vs Brookside

In a Tuesday night’s edition of the Scholastic Games of Lorain County Presented by the Elyria Public Library System, the Lake Ridge Academy team consisting of John

Lake Ridge’s Ryan Rosu shakes hands with Scholastic Games Show Host Jim Mehrling after being named Standout Scholar

Harrington, Ryan Rosu and Sparsh Balabadrapatruni took on the Brookside team made up of Dakota Rabineau, Lucia Morello and Kassie Brooks.

Lake Ridge jumped out to the early lead taking a 10 point advantage into the second round. However, the Cardinals were able to make up that deficit tying the score heading into the third round.

In the fourth round Rosu helped the Royals pull away picking up a big 70 points in the period.

Rosu went on to earn the Standout Scholar Award (pictured right with show host Jim Mehrling) as Lake Ridge defeated Brookside by a final score of 380-270.

Take a listen to below and test your knowledge with the students from Lake Ridge and Brookside.

Next week ‘s edition of the Scholastic game will feature Columbia vs Elyria and will air on Monday, Feb. 25 at 5pm on AM930 WEOL.



Avon v Midview in Scholastic Games of Lorain County Presented by the Elyria Public Library System1

On Feb. 11th, the Avon Eagles earned a spot in the playoffs of the Scholastic Games of Lorain County with an impressive victory over Midview.

Test you knowledge against the Eagles, and see how you would fair on the latest edition of Lorain County’s favorite trivia show at the link beolw. You can also tune in for all new episodes of the Scholastic Games Monday nights at 6pm on AM930 and right here on Stream 1.


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