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Cheer on the Crushers this year at All-Pro Freight Stadium, and make sure you take your pocket radio and smart phone with you because this year AM930 and will broadcast 20 crushers games live.
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May 12: Crushers 7 vs River City Rascals 5 

August 21: Crushers vs Traverse City Beach Bums (5:05pm)

August 24: Crushers @ Schaumburg Boomers (7:30pm)

September 1: Crushers vs Joliet Slammers (7:05pm)

White Crushers Recap
Andy spoke to Bruce and Craig of the WEOL Morning Show about Opening Day at All-Pro Freight Stadium.
The Crushers are crushing it after starting the season with a perfect 5-0 record. This morning Andy “Bull” Barch, the voice of the Crushers, told us why the team has had early success.
The Crushers have been having a tough time on the road lately. Find out what the deal is with Andy “Bull” Barch
The Lake Erie Crushers are back to their winning ways after taking three of their last five games. We talked to the voice of the Crushers Andy “Bull” Barch about the recent upswing. 
Andy “Bull” Barch let us know how the Lake Erie Crushers are doing on the eve of tonight’s game on WEOL.  
We talked with Andy “Bull” Barch, voice of the Lake Erie Crushers, about the teams chances of making the post season and the rumors that Tim Tebow maybe making his way to the Frontier League.
The Crushers are closing in on the end of the Frontier League regular season. Are the playoffs in the future? Find out with the Voice of the Lake Erie Crushers Andy “Bull” Barch. 
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