2017 Spotlight on North Ridgeville

Broadcasting live from the new Dunkin’ Donuts
32323 Lorain Rd, North Ridgeville, OH 44011

7-9am/Monday, Feb. 13 – Wednesday, Feb.15

Join us in person or listen live online

Our 2017 Spotlight Series begins on Monday Feb. 13 as we shine the Spotlight on North Ridgeville. Join us as we take the Morning Show on the road  (Mon, Feb. 13 – Wed. Feb. 15) and broadcast live from the brand new Dunkin’ Donuts on Lorin Road. We will have interviews with local politicians, members of the North Ridgeville Public Schools, sports figures and local business owners. So make sure to come out have a donut and enjoy the conversation. If you can’t get there, make sure you listen live on AM930 or WEOL.com from 7am – 9am on AM930 WEOL.

Monday 2/13

  • 7:15am – Dunkin’ Donuts owner Ken Blum told us why he chose Lorain Rd. for his franchise location
  • 7:20am – We talked with Andy “Bull” Barch and Matt Douglass hosts of the new Afternoon show on WEOL.
  • 7:40am – Get the latest information from the North Coast Building Industry Association’s Judie Docs
  • 7:50am – It started in a living room and now reaches peopel around the world. Pastor Kevin Crow tells us about Harvest Ridge Church
  • 8:10am – Hear about North Ridgeville from Mayor David Gillock
  • 8:20amJim Vandemark of Vandemark Jewlers let’s us know about the popular buys for Valentines day and bell botms
  • 8:40am – Hear how North Ridgeville has developed over the years with the North Ridgeville Historical Society’s Jeff Sigsworth

Tuesday 2/14

Wednesday 2/15