2018 Spotlight on Lorain

Broadcasting live from Lorain for Three Straight Days

3pm – 6pm Monday, June 18 & 7am – 9am Tuesday & Wednesday, June 19 & 20

Join us in person or listen live online

The Morning Show  and Bull’s Eye on the Afternoon is headed to Lorain starting June 18 for our 2018 Spotlight Series. Join us Monday afternoon when Bull’s Eye on the Afternoon goes live from the beach at Lakeview Park. During the three day series, we will speak with the people who make Lorain what it is, we will get to know local politicians, school officials and the men and women who run Lorain’s businesses. This year we take our final day of our Spotlight on Lorain the the International Breakfast at German’s Villa in Vermilion.

Monday, June 18 (Lakeview Park for Bull’s Eye on the Afternoon 3pm – 6:30pm)

  • 3:40pm – The port Authorities Tiffany McClelland tells us about the tours up the Black River and their new Goose dog.
  • 4:10pm – We talk about the city with Mayor Chase Ritenauer20:14
  • 4:40pm – Lakeview Parks Bryan Goldthorpe joins us to talk about upcoming event down on the beach. 11:56

Tuesday, June 19 (Lakeview Park for the Morning Show 7am – 9am)

  • 7:40amBryan Goldthorpe of the Lorain County Metro Parks, Lakeview Park tells us about the best scenery in the county 12:55
  • 8:10am  – David and Joel Arredondo of Lorain talk about their city. 17:29
  • 8:20am – Hear what is happening at the Lorain Public Schools David Hardy, Jr, Lorain Schools CEO 13:13
  • 8:40am  – Hear about Lorain’s past with Barb Piscopo from the Lorain Historical Society 14:26
  • 8:50am – After all these years, the Lorain Light house continues to be a staple of the city, One of the men who keep it functional is Frank Sipkovsky of the  Lorain Lighthouse Foundation 15:08

Wednesday, June 20 (German’s Villa) – International Breakfast on the Morning Show 7am – 9am

  • 7:10amChris Rewack, Chairman of the International Breakfast tells us all about the annual event. 10:38
  • 7:40am – Hear about the International Princesses with Chair Natalie Rodriguez and 2018 Princess Alana Careon. 5:47
  • 7:50am – Hear from the band that played at the days International Breakfast, Tres Unidos Band 7:41
  • 8:15amCliff German of German’s Villa tells us about the set up and preparation for today’s International Breakfast. 6:06