2018 Spotlight on Oberlin

Broadcasting live from the Oberlin Hotel and Lorenzo’s Pizza

7-9am/Monday, May. 21 & Tuesday, May 22 at the Oberlin Hotel

3-6pm Tuesday, May 22 at Lorenzo’s Pizza

Join us in person or listen live online

Our 2016 Spotlight on Oberlin is underway. Join us as we take the Morning Show on the road for three straight days (Tue, Apr. 26 – Thur. Apr. 28) from the Main Street Diner on 51 South Main Street. We will have daily interviews with local politicians, faculty from Oberlin College, member of the art community, and public school officials. Come out and join us this week at the Main Street Diner in Oberlin. If you can not get there, make sure you listen live on AM930 and WEOL.com from 7am – 9am. To hear any of this weeks

Monday, 5/21 – Morning Show 7am – 9am at the Hotel at Oberlin

  • 7:15am – Cleveland Indians Bob DiBiasio tells us how the Tribe are doing 6:14
  • 7:40am – Hear how things are going at Oberlin College with President Carmen Twillie Ambar  14:29
  • 7:50am – Find out what is being served at the Hotel at Oberlin with Chef Jim Barnhart 14:05
  • 8:10am – We talk art with Andrea Gyorody of the Allen Memorial Art Museum 13:13
  • 8:40am – Learn more about the Oberlin Kids program with Jenn Keathley 12:23

Tuesday, 5/22 – Morning Show 7am – 9am at the Hotel at Oberlin

  • 7:40am – Hear about the latest displays being promoted by the Firelands Association of the Visual Arts with Kathleen Jackson 9:17
  • 7:50amDr. Richard Hetsko of Oberlin Hearing Care talks hearing health 17:00
  • 8:10am – Hear what’s happening at the Oberlin Heritage Center with Amanda Manahan 7:49
  • 8:20am – What will be on stage this year at the Oberlin Summer Theater Festival? Find out with spokesman Paul Moser 14:10
  • 8:40amCathy Strauss from the Oberlin Conservatory joins the conversation 20:49
  • 8:50amKen Fraelich tells us about Common Ground 17:06

Tuesday, 5/22 – Bull’s Eye on the Afternoon 3pm-6pm at Lorenzo’s Pizza

  • 3:20pm – Mo Wyman tells us about cooking pizzas at Lorenzo’s
  • 3:40pm – Find out what is happening at the parks with Lorain County Metroparks Vanessa Klesta 11:49
  • 4:10pm – City Manager Robert Hilliard tells us what is happening in Oberlin 12:12
  • 5:10pmMargaret Christian tells us about this years Juneteenth event. 10:49
  • 5:40pmPete Aldrich tells us about the portable oven at Lorenzo’s 9:10