2019 Spotlight on Lorain

Broadcasting live from the United Way of Greater Lorain County Head Quarters

On 642 Broadway Avenue

June 27th from 7am – 9am (The Morning Show)  and 3pm – 6pm (Bull’s Eye on the Afternoon)

Join us in person or listen live online

The Morning Show  and Bull’s Eye on the Afternoon are headed to Lorain starting on June 27th for the 2019 Spolight on Lorain. Join us all day Thursday live from the headquarters of the United Way of Greater Lorain county on Broadway Avenue. During the day , we will hear from  local politicians, school officials and the men and women who run Lorain’s businesses. This year we take our final day of our Spotlight on Lorain the the International Breakfast at German’s Villa in Vermilion.

The Morning Show (7am – 9am)

  • 7:15am – The United Way’s Bill Harper and Ryan Aroney talk about the latest happenings at the nonprofit. 10:57
  • 7:40am – Interim Mayor Joe Koziura tells us about his city. 9:53
  • 7:50am – Learn about the Community Foundations with spokeswoman Susan Poole 8:23
  • 8:15am – Mary Fields of Brew and Stew tells us about her business and how they make the best cup of coffee 6:51
  • 8:20am – Sharon Burn of First Federal Savings of Lorain join us to talk about the banking business. 6:40
  • 8:40am – It’s perhaps Lorain County’s most recognizable landmark. Ron Mantini of the Lorain Lighthouse Foundation tells us how they keep the off shore building functional. 12:48

Bull’s Eye on the Afternoon

  • 3:20pm – Speak of the Devil’s Kurt Hemon tells us about his business. 11:59
  • 3:40pm – We talk sports with Lorain High School Athletic Director Bryan Koury9:29
  • 4:20pm – Hear about the United Way’s Education Collaborative with Katelyn Gonzalez and Monica Snipes of the Neighborhood Alliance. 11:16
  • 5:20pmRyan Aroney of the United Way tells us about the UCAN Collaborative.