The WEOL Morning Show


Friday, February 19th, 2021

2/19/21 7:40 State Representative Joe Miller joined us for this week’s Champions of Education, brought to you by the Nordson Corporation! Rep. Miller’s bipartisan legislation to end academic distress commissions has received its first hearing, and Joe is here to share more! (13:37)

2/19/21 8:10 Holly Brinda, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lorain County, shared some insight into the Bigs with Badges Mentoring Program that will help connect law enforcement and other public safety officials with youth in positive ways.

2/19/21 8:40 Pulmonologist Dr. Frank Trudo, Vice President of U.S. Medical Affairs, tells us all about COPD and what we need to know.


Thursday, February 18th, 2021

2/18/21 7:20 Mary Snyder, Market CEO for UnitedHealthcare Medicare and Retirement, discussed what people should keep in mind when it comes to their Medicare plan’s coverage in 2021. (5:45)

2/18/21 7:40 Brittany Lovett from the Community Foundation of Lorain County joined the Morning Show to talk about Toni Morrison Day, along with the announcement of the 2021 Toni Morrison Scholars! (9:41)

2/18/21 8:10 Adult service librarian from the Lorain Public Library, Cheri Campbell, expanded the discussion for Toni Morrison Day and talked about why Toni’s novels are still important today! (14:49)

2/18/21 8:40 NASA Chief Engineer Adam Steltzner, who will be located at the Cruise Mission Support Area (CMSA), shared some insight into today’s landing of Perserverance on Mars, the first rover landing on Mars in nearly a decade. (11:21)


Wednesday, February 17th, 2021

2/17/21 7:10 Dave O’Brien joins Rocco Nuosci for this week’s Local Beat, presented by Vandemark Jewelers on East Broad Street in Elyria! This week, the guys discuss an effort in Lorain to cut down on gun violence, the latest from the investigation into Elyria fire chief Carl Mack, and more. (9:20)

2/17/21 7:40 Andrew Suggs (CEO and Founder of Live Chair Health) and Abner Mason (CEO and Founder of ConsejoSano) shared their stories about being black social entrepreneurs who are working to address factors known as the social determinants of social health. (7:17)

2/17/21 8:10 MS in the black community is a big concern, and Dr. Mitz Joi Williams joined the WEOL Morning Show to share some of the symptoms of MS and some early warning signs that some of her patients have shared. (7:50)

2/17/21 8:40 The Elyria Rotary Club is proud to announce the availability of the Elyria Rotary Club Scholarship, and spokesperson Mary Siwierka is here to share more! It is open to graduating seniors of any of the five high schools in the Elyria area (Elyria High School, Elyria Catholic High School, Midview High School, Open Door Christian Schools, and First Baptist Christian School of Elyria). The deadline for the application is April 15th, so act fast seniors! (7:07)


Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

2/16/21 8:10 Radio voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers Tim Alcorn joined the WEOL Morning Show to break down a tough stretch of basketball for the Cavs as they now deal with Andre Drummond trade rumors.