Couponing With Rachel

Rachel Krych, The Chronicle-Telegram’s Coupon Queen

Every Tuesday morning at 8:40am Rachel Krych of Couponing with Rachel joins the WEOL Morning Show to talk all things discounts! Rachel shares the latest savings to clip out and find online, plus, Rachel gives us an insight into her weekly section in The Chronicle-Telegram! So tune in for some fun, cost-saving conversations and save yourself a little dough in the process!

Check out our previous conversations with Rachel in the audio archives down below!

EP. 1 – Intro to the Station!

Ep. 2 – Big Screen, Bigger Savings!

  • There’s something special about going to see a movie on the big screen with a huge tub of buttered popcorn. However, it can sometimes be pricey. Not to worry, because Rachel has our back! Rachel shares the latest movie theater discounts , the latest drive-in deals, and how to get the most bang for your buck at the movies all summer long!

Ep. 3 – Clearance, Clearance, Clearance!

  • Look out for that clearance rack! Everyone loves stumbling on a good deal, but how do we know where to look? Rachel Krych of Couponing with Rachel made her weekly visit and talked all about clearance deals. Rachel told us how to spot the savings, how pricing varies across stores for similar products, and to check those clearance racks often!

Ep. 4 – Prime Time for Savings

  • It’s Amazon Prime Day, and Rachel joined the Morning Show to the best deals on one of the year’s biggest online sales days! Amazon Prime members have the chance to save some serious cash on tablets, fire sticks, and other devices! Plus, Rachel told us all about how brick and mortar retailers will try to compete.

Ep. 5 – Back to School Supplies

Ep. 6 – Saving on Fun in the Sun

  • Summer break may be almost over, but there are still plenty of affordable ways to enjoy some fun in the sun! Coupon queen Rachel Krych of Couponing With Rachel made her weekly visit as she talked all about summer savings! Rachel advised to check out your local library for free programs for the entire family, checking out our beaches and Metro Parks, plus upcoming city events! Oh, and grab your popcorn for the latest movie discounts!

Ep. 7 – Tax-Free Weekend!

  • Ohio’s tax-free weekend is almost here, running from August 5th-7th. If you have been holding off on back-to-school shopping, Rachel tells us why now is the perfect time to get the most bang for your buck! Her three main tips to keep in mind are plan, research, and stack your savings!

Ep. 8 – What’s Better Than “On Sale”? FREE!

Ep. 9 – Back to School Lunch Savings!

  • With class back in session around Lorain County, Rachel’s weekly column in the Chronicle-Telegram this episode focuses on on how parents can save on school lunches with some easy tips! From getting creative with your own homemade lunches to taking advantage of free lunch programs, there are plenty of ways to save some cash this school year

Ep. 10 – Old-School Cool Savings

  •  They always say to listen to and respect your elders. In fact, Rachel knows there are plenty of older folks who know the best ways to save money. With many having grown up in the Depression era, they had to get creative with the way they saved cash. Rachel joined the show to share her weekly column in the Chronicle-Telegram, which talked all about old-fashioned money saving tips and tricks, as well as the top deals of the week!

Ep. 11 – Fighting College Expenses

  • With kids officially back in classes, those at the collegiate level are probably finding out the hard way just how expensive some of those textbooks are. Rachel started her college journey at LCCC and shared some ways she was able to save, from renting books to checking Facebook marketplace and other online outlets!

Ep. 12 – Pass… or Play?

  • Doing fun activities with your family can be a challenge with a smaller budget. While the cost upfront can be a bit more, Rachel says that a season pass or membership can often be a better choice for a family. She returned to the Morning Show to talk about the reasons why that has saved her some cash. Plus, Rachel shared this week’s top deals!

Ep. 13 – YouTube University

Ep. 14 – Save It While You’re Young

Ep. 15 – Changes to Black Friday Shopping!

  • It’s (almost) the holiday season! That means cold weather, hot chocolate, and uhhh… oh yeah! LOTS of shopping! Rachel made her weekly stop to talk about some of this year’s changes to Black Friday shopping! From shopping earlier to saving time money to shopping earlier and online, this shopping season will be crazy, and Rachel has you covered!

Ep. 16 – Easing Holiday Shopping Stress

Ep. 17 – Shopping Tips to Save on Groceries

Ep. 18 – Gift Ideas to Curb Your Holiday Spending

Ep. 19 – Avoid Holiday Shopping Mistakes

Ep. 20 – Saving at Indoor Water Parks

  • It may be cold outside, but there are still places you can go to feel like you’re in paradise! Indoor water parks are perfect for just that, and we are blessed with some awesome parks here in northern Ohio! This week, Rachel talked about ways to save on some of those pricey overnight stays.

Ep. 21 – Search for those Clearance Items!

Ep. 22 – Apps and Fitness Goals!

Ep. 23 – Birthday Freebies!

  • Whether you celebrate your birth day or the entire month long, be sure to grab some freebies! Rachel shared a few of her favorite birthday discounts to save you some cash on your latest trip around the sun. From Starbucks to Buffalo Wild Wings and even Ulta, there’s sure to be some birthday savings for everyone.

Ep. 24 – Budgeting for a Cruise Getaway

  • Does the cold weather have you down? Already looking to warmer days? Well, how about a cruise? Too expensive you say? Nonsense! Rachel made her weekly visit and talked all about tips on how to budget for a cruise getaway! From booking early to using a travel agent, there are easy steps everyone can take to save on their excursion.

Ep. 25 – Finding Deals on Specific Items

  • Reader’s have been asking Rachel about finding coupons for stuff they don’t buy, such as processed foods, and how they can save on things they do buy, like healthy fruits and veggies! Well, Rachel has some awesome tips, including connecting with the companies and brands you purchase, shopping online, and trying to save elsewhere outside of your diet.

Ep. 26 – Tips to Sweeten Your Valentine’s Day

  • It’s almost Valentine’s Day! What do you have in mind for that special someone? Well, if you’re having trouble finding something to buy or do that fits in your budget, we’ve got help! Rachel stopped by and shared key tips on how to sweeten your Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank!

Ep. 27 – Frugal Ways to Bond With Teen Kids

  • It can be tough for parents to bond with their teenage kids, especially when doing so on a budget! Rachel returned to the show to talk about all the different ways parents can bond with their teens without breaking the bank! From grabbing lunch to enjoying video games or a movie together, there are tons of options!

Ep. 28 – Using the Flashfood App

  • Do you know about the Flashfood App? Well, you should! The app helps stores sell food nearing expiration date at a discounted rate, sometimes up to 50% off! Consumers who download the app can browse stores in their area for a great bargain. Rachel stopped by to talk about the app and some of the deals she’s been able to score with it.

Ep. 29 – Saving on Produce

Ep. 30 – Budget for a Beach Getaway

  • Last week, Rachel took a much-needed getaway to Miami Beach! Now, she’s back, and wants to help you save on your next beach trip! Rachel shared all kinds of saving tips, from what to pack, saving money on airfare and lodging, and even how to save a bit on food cost!

Ep. 31 – Saving With Reusable Items

  • Over recent years, more households have been embracing reusable products to save money and become more environmentally stable. The same goes for Rachel! She made her weekly stop to talk about some money-saving reusable items, like kitchen towels, grocery and shopping bags, k-cups, and more!

Ep. 32 – The Importance of Budgeting

Ep. 33 – Easter Savings

Ep. 34 – Items to Avoid at the Dollar Store

  • Dollar stores are a great way to get something you need for the low. But, there are items to avoid! Rachel joined the guys as she shared her tips on items to potentially avoid at the dollar stores, including beauty products, paper products, batteries, and more.

Ep. 35 – Spring Cleaning on a Budget

Ep. 36 – Gardening While on a Budget

Ep. 37 – Saving When Buying Meats

Ep. 38 – “Tips” for Gratuity

Ep. 39 – Celebrate Mother’s Day on a Budget

Ep. 40 – Tips on how to Save at the Pump

Ep. 41 – Appreciation Gifts for Educators

  • School is (almost) out for the summer! We should show our educators some appreciation for another year of hard work teaching our kids! Rachel talked about some low-budget, practical gifts that kids can get their teachers before school lets out for the summer.

Ep. 42 – Knowledge is Power