Dr. Karen Kramer D.D.S Lorain County Marching Bands

Along with Dr. Karen Kramer D.D.S, WEOL is proud to present the high school marching bands of Lorain County!

During our High School Football games on WEOL, we will record the local marching band’s performance at half time. After every game, Check back on this page to see the most recent performance. All the bands can be found on the WEOL Youtube page by clicking on the links below.

To Find out when your favorite bands play, check out the WEOL Broadcast Schedule here, and make sure to visit Dr. Karen Kramer at 420 Main Street in Grafton for all your dentistry needs.

9-6-19 – Lorain Marching Band

9-6-19Avon Marching Band


9-6-19 – Firelands Marching Band

9-6-19 – Amherst Marching Band

8-30-19- Avon Lake Marching Band

8-30-19 – Avon Marching Band