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12-28-22 This week, the guys recap a brutal winter storm that swept through Lorain County over the weekend. Plus, a longtime judge in the county is calling it a career and riding off into the retirement sunset!

12-21-22 The guys talk about an “explosive” delay as Elyria City Council holds off on legislation regarding fireworks. Plus, more state funding is coming to downtown Elyria for the planned Esports hub at the Dixon and Robinson buildings.

12-14-22 This week, the guys discuss the upcoming 2023 Elyria mayoral race as incumbent Frank Whitfield and challenger Kevin Brubaker kick off their respective campaigns. Plus, an update from Dave on the Lorain County Port Authority and their potential purchase of the Midway Mall.

12-7-22 There’s both development and demolition happening in Elyria, so what’s the latest? Plus, the city of Avon continues to grow, as does their need for police officers. 

11-30-22 This week, the guys discuss a recent pay raise approval in Amherst for its workers. Plus, Republican Jeff Riddell looks to be the new Lorain County Commissioner as the Board of Elections has certified his victory over incumbent Democrat Matt Lundy. However, an automatic recount will take place on December 7th with Riddell’s victory coming by just 136 votes.

11-16-22 This week The Chronicle Telegram’s Kevin Martin fills in for Dave O’Brien and fill us in on several local stories including the City of Elyria agrees to $250 million sewer upgrade and Kevin Brubaker’s hire as Public Works Director in Avon Lake.

11-9-22 This Week Issues with the demolition of the Shane Furniture Building will have crews in downtown Elyria on Broad Street for awhile longer. Plus, research done on a Lorain man who died in WWII has yielded some very interesting surprises.

11-2-22 This week, the guys talk about a continued surge in early voting and absentee ballot requests as election day approaches. Plus, a look at last week’s joint town hall with Elyria Mayor Frank Whitfield and Lorain Mayor Jack Bradley as they try to combat gun violence in their communities.

10-26-22 This week, the guys recap a tense Elyria City Council meeting that went down Monday between council members and Mayor Frank Whitfield. Plus, Dave gives us a look at the election and some of the early voting numbers as November 8th gets closer!

10-19-22 This week, the guys talk about a new wetland project in Lorain that will help some of the runoff and flooding issues in the area. Plus, a look-in at the new 216,000 square-foot facility from Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems in Avon as they continue their role in commercial vehicle safety technology.

10-12-22 This week the guys discuss the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program plan being discussed with the Elyria Schools. Plus, the guys recap Carissa Woytach’s tour with Lorain officials to two permanent supportive housing properties on Cleveland’s westside as Lorain looks to bring a similar facility to the city.

10-5-22 The guys discuss the big fishing scandal in the Lake Erie Walleye Trail fishing tournament that has garnered some international attention. Plus, our Lake Erie Crushers are getting a turf makeover at Mercy Health Stadium!

9-28-22 Dave shared some details from this week’s fire at the Wellington water treatment plant and what the damages mean for the village. Plus, researchers at UH are getting $12.5 million to track flu viruses for the CDC, and Dave explained how and why the grant money came to be.

9-21-22 Oberlin City Council is looking to use federal American Rescue Plan Act funds toward tuition and fees for those in need in the FastTrack program at Lorain County Community College, and Dave shared the latest from Jason Hawk. Plus, Dave talked about the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland’s recent push to help those who are interested learn how to seal their criminal or arrest records.

9-14-22 This week, Dave addressed the latest on Elyria City Council, Mayor Whitfield, and the renovation project of the former Oakwood Elementary School and why things are on a bit of a hold for now. Plus, Lorain County Sheriff Phil Stammitti fired back at a letter from the Lorain Police Union that criticized some of his leadership during and after the hardest phases of the COVID-19 pandemic.

9-7-22 This week, the guys look at the city of North Ridgeville, as well as their schools, as they look to push for more funding for a HUGE project on the upcoming November ballot. Plus, how do the Lorain County Commissioners keep racking up legal fees? Dave gives us the latest, plus, a scanner story!

8-31-22 Former Lorain County HR director Jen Sinatra had some choice words for the Lorain County Commissioner in her exit interview, and Dave shared the latest, Plus, we now know the cost of renovating the former Oakwood Elementary School in Elyria, and Dave talked about the different options the city is considering.

8-24-22 This week, the guys recap the big rain storm that hit Sunday night and an upcoming city announcement on how to mitigate water damage. Plus, the need for healthcare workers and nurses continues to rise, and now there’s an opportunity to help underserved areas.

8-17-22 This week, the guys discussed a new public charter school coming to Sheffield that is placing a focus on combining education with competitive sports. Plus, with classes getting back underway this week, the guys went over the latest from Lorain Schools CEO Dr. Jeff Graham regarding busing and transportation.

8-10-22 This week, the guys recapped Monday’s meeting with the Lorain Schools Board of Education as they stood in opposition of “divisive concept” bills moving through the Ohio Statehouse. Plus, it looks like “Sherman’s Monument” will return to LaGrange after being destroyed earlier this summer. However, that may take some time…

8-3-22 This week, the guys talked about this week’s special August primary and some of the key races. Plus, Dave shares his research on his piece regarding the resignation of an Elyria police officer who was caught in an on-duty affair.

7-27-22 This week, the guys talked about a $24 million Berkshire facility slated to come to Sheffield along with up to 100 new jobs! Plus, two different Republican state representative candidates have similar yet different ways on how to handle funding for education in Ohio.

7-20-22- This week, Dave and Rocco talked about the rendered images for potential plans for the Avon Lake Power Plant site on the lakefront. Plus, the latest opioid settlement is set to bring over $3.3 million to Lorain County, where is that money going and what is going toward?

7-13-22 – This week, the guys went over some recent controversial comments made by a former administrative assistant of Lorain County Commissioner Michelle Hung. Plus, the guys discussed the new multi-million dollar project for the new Amherst Public Library!

7/6/22 – The guys address concerns over liability regarding recent Lake Erie drownings in our local communities. Also, Dave shared some remarks from his coverage of this past weekend’s memorial for the late former Lorain Police Chief Cel Rivera.

6/29/22 – This week, the guys talk about the latest financial developments in the proposed eSports facility in downtown Elyria. Plus, Dave shared the latest on the dispute over special deputies between Lorain County Prosecutor J.D. Tomlinson and Sheriff Phil Stammitti.

6/22/22 – This week, the guys talk about the the opening of a new medical facility in Sheffield that is much needed in the community. Plus, the Good Knights of Lorain County are looking for volunteers and supplies to help provide more local kids in need with beds.

6/15/22 – This week, the guys talk about the latest firearm law legislation signed by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. Plus, Dave has the latest on the protests at the former Avon Lake Power Plant.

6/8/22 – This week, the guys recapped a gun violence protest rally held this past weekend in Ely Square. Plus, the Community West Foundation is handing out some grant funding to many of our county non-profits!

6/1/22 – This week, the guys talk about continued discussions surrounding the old Shane Furniture building on Broad Street in downtown Elyria. Plus, the latest on a new rehabilitation village in Vermilion for women and children in need.

5/25/22 – Dave returns to the show this week as the guys break down the latest on the Lorain County Commissioners as state auditors are now getting involved over potential issues. Plus, a new subdivision proposal in Elyria is meeting some opposition.

5/18/22 – Pinch hitting for Dave O’Brien this week is Kevin Martin on the Local Beat! This week, Kevin talks about the city of Avon revisiting livestock regulations, plus, latest from the legal battle between Oberlin College and Gibson’s Bakery.

5/11/22 – This week, the guys talk about a “transformational” opportunity in North Ridgeville with a new proposal for a pairing of a new community center and school facilities. Plus, the latest from the censuring of one Oberlin City Council member and a preview of this week’s commissioner news.

5/4/22 – This week, the guys talk about the primary election and some of the bigger issues around Lorain County. Plus, the latest on the submarine dry dock proposal in Lorain!

4/27/22 – This week, the guys recapped the brief tornado touch-down on Monday in Eaton Township, plus, the latest on the trial of Keith Liedtke.

4/20/22 – This week, Dave O’Brien and Rocco Nuosci discuss the latest on James Kimbrough III who was captured over the weekend, plus, the debate is on for the future of Pioneer Plaza.

4/13/22 – This week, Dave and Rocco talk about the latest rulings on a fatal stabbing from 2019. Plus, former Firelands wrestling coach Josh Walbom is getting support from wrestlers and parents in the community, and the guys break down the situation.

4/6/22 – This week, the guys recap this past weekend’s “Ohio Innocence Project” event at Midview Middle School, plus, no fireworks in Oberlin this summer?

3/30/22 – This week, the guys talk about LC4Ukraine, a local relief effort for Ukraine refugees in Lorain County! Plus, after a meeting on Monday, Elyria City Council has a better idea on concrete plans for the future of Midway Mall.

3/23/22 – This week, the guys discuss the troubles with the Lorain County Board of Elections and the upcoming primary elections. Also, Elyria City Council has approved the 2022 budget, but without one key project from Mayor Frank Whitfield. Also for this week’s scanner story, dogs in a stroller?

3/16/22 – This week, the guys discuss the latest on Elyria City Council’s concerns with plans for the Midway Mall, as well as a retired Marine in Wellington planning on flying to Ukraine to help with the situation over there.

3/9/22 – This week, the guys talked about the latest on the charges against Elyria woman Eboni McElroy, as well as an insight into a local Ukrainian family dealing with the current horror in the news.

3/2/22 – This week, the guys talked about the cases of Joseph Allen and Nancy Smith and their 30 year fight for justice. Also, the guys touch on Elyria Mayor Frank Whitfield’s plans for the Midway Mall!

2/23/22 – This week, Dave talks about a man who passed away while being held in jail, as well as the latest regarding the proposed naval sub project in Lorain.

2/16/22 – This week, the guys discussed the latest on James Kimbrough, a wanted man by local authorities, as well as new funding for Lorain County Public Health to fight addiction.

2/9/22 – This week, the guys focused on the city of Elyria as upgrades could be coming to Midway Mall, downtown, and the parks and recreation facilities!

2/2/22 – This week, the guys talk about the fourth fatal shooting in Lorain County since the start of 2022, this time a tragedy in LaGrange. Former 911 director Harry Williamson is also filing a lawsuit, and Dave fills us in on the latest.

1/19/22 – This week, the guys discussed the snowstorm that hit the area as well as the latest from Lorain County Community College!

1/12/22 – This week, the guys talk about a new eSports hub coming to downtown Elyria, as well as the latest from the Lorain County Commissioners as Matt Lundy takes over as President.

1/5/22 – The guys recap the traffic fatality and drug overdose totals from 2021, and then turn to a brighter note as North Ridgeville welcomes a new economic director!

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