Lorain County Commissioners Leadership Through Partnership

Every week WEOL will speak with the Lorain County Commissioners covering topics of importance in Lorain County.

On a weekly basis the interviews will rotate from a radio broadcast during Bull’s Eye on the Afternoon and in a special video featuring WEOL News Director Craig Adams. To hear, or watch any of the previous interviews click on the links below.

Bull’s Radio Interviews:

5/4 – Lorain County Commissioner Matt Lundy and Don Romancheck talk with Bull about the Lakefront Connectivity plan

5/31 – Commissioner Matt Lundy tells us about the renovation of the Lorain County Courthouse and the plans for a new Transportation Center in Elyria. 

Craig’s Video Interviews:

5/23 – Lori Kokoski talks with Craig about the Lorain County Dog Kennel.

5/16 Ted Kalo talks with Craig about the Lorain County CAB Program