Over The Timeline Archive: 2020

12-16-20 While doing play-by-play for the NBA Cavaliers, Joe still found time to call a high school game at affiliate stations on the Cavalier’s network.

11-30-20 Joe spent one season doing the Sunday NCAA games for CBS. Bruce Van Dyke and Joe listen to clips from Villanova upset of North Carolina.

11-04-20 Rob Polinsky talks to Joe about the time in the early 1980s, when he was not the Cavs announcer.

10-20-20 Joe recalls the Monmouth High School Zippers during their 1959-1960 tournament run.

9-23-20 Joe Tait called a yearly Lorain County high school basketball game for WEOL. Andy, Joe and Tim Alcorn relive Columbia vs Keystone from 2012.

9-9-20 In 1968 Joe was teaching at Ohio Univ. and calling Bobcat sports. He also spent time on radio on the Yawn Patrol on WOUB.

8-19-20 Andy plays some of Joe Tait’s sports demo tape from 1968. It include baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer.

7-29-20 Joe looks back at the Cavs first and last game at the Cleveland Arena.

7-15-20 Andy Barch and Joe talk about the first Cavaliers team to make the NBA Finals in 2007.

6-17-20 C’mon Cavs! Joe and Bruce Van Dyke relive the many Cavalier’s theme songs and the teams associated with them.

6-3-20 Joe and Andy Barch relive the Cavaliers 2002-2003 season. They won 17 games and LeBron James (the #1 pick in the NBA Draft).

5-20-20 Joe talks about what he’s been doing during days of no sports and “stay at home” orders, plus we’ll hear his calls of Indians, Cavs and high school games.

5-6-20 Andy Barch and Joe talk about Michael Jordan and the Cavaliers

4-22-20 Tim Alcorn talks to Joe about sharing the Indians’ broadcast booth with Herb Score in the 1970s.

4-8-20  Joe shares with Andy Barch the time he called a boxing match at The Boys Club in Terra Haute, Indiana.

3-18-20  Joe and Craig Adams discuss Joe’s call of the WBOW Disc Jockey Bicycle Race from Terra Haute, Indiana in 1970.

3-4-20  Joe’s final day at WRAM in July 1960 before going into the Army where he learned to speak Russian.

2-19-20  Joe and Indian Duane Kuiper co-produced “Great Sports Dates” a radio feature where Joe recreated famous play-by-play calls.

1-15-20 Joe spent many years calling Mount Union football games and he spoke with Bruce about it. 

1-9-20 Bull and Joe got into a great discussion about the “LeBron years” in Cavalier history. 

1-2-20 Joe spent years calling the games for the WNBA’s Cleveland Rockers and he told Bruce just how much fun that was.