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Wednesday, 12-2

  • The holidays can be tough on some people. Charlie Neff of the Lorain County Board of Metal Health explains why this time of year can lead some into a depression.
  • Keith Bailey of Lorain County Solid Waste talked with Craig and Bruce about safely discarding electronics.
  • Find out more about the city of Amherst with Mayor David Taylor
  • The holiday spirit is alive and well in Amherst and Main Street Amherst’s Teresa Gilles has the information you need to find it in the city.
  • Amherst Schools system continues to strive. We found out how this morning with Amherst Schools Superintendent Steve Sayers.

Thursday, 12-3

  • Senator Sherrod Brown called into the show to talk about the current shooting in California and about the future of Ohio.
  • Mayor-Elect Mark Costilow told us about his plans for Amherst when he takes office in January.
  • The holidays are here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay healthy. Lorain County Health Commissioner Dave Covell told us why it’s important to keep yourself in shape during the holidays.

Friday, 12-3

  • CommStar Union’s Edco branch in Amherst is having an open house today from 9:00am to 6:00pm to show off their brand new facility. Find out more about CommStar newest branch with Erin Beese and David Jezewski.
  • Many of the murals around Amherst were painted by Michael Sekletar. He and his father John came by to tell us how they created the works of art.
  • What is there to do in Lorain county this time of year? Lots!  just ask Visit Lorain County’s Heather Fraelich and Sarah Orndorff.