Troy DiFranco Sportmanship Award Winners

In honor of our friend and former Colleague Troy DiFranco, during halftime of every boys basketball game of the 2019-2020 season, we will ask the local coaches to name a player that exemplifies true sportsmanship. That player will be named the Chronicle Telegram Troy DiFranco Sportsmanship Award winner. You can hear what the players coaches had to say about their award winners below.

11/27 Wellington Nick Laposky
11/27 Lorain Aaron Whitehead
11/27 Firelands Steve Iwanek
11/27 Elyria Jahmil Reed
11/27 North Ridgeville Jake Boynar
11/27 Keystone Ethan Sokolowski
11/27 Midview Aden Gregory
11/27 Oberlin Gile Harrell
11/27 Vermilion Chad Rich
11/28 Oberlin James Davis
11/28 Vermilion Ethan Young
11/29 Columbia Jake Kyle
11/29 Open Door Josh Zaborowski
12/3 Keystone Kyle Rodick
12/6 Wellington Noah Diermyer
12/6 Clearview Jordan Reed
12/10 Elyria Catholic Luke Costantino
12/13 North Ridgeville Caden Masterson
12/14 Elyria Catholic David Leeper
12/14 Columbia Charlie Simon
12/17 Vermilion Ethan Young
12/17 Lorain Deonte Benejan
12/20 Clearview Joseph Norris
12/20 Brookside Jordan Sweeney
12/23 Amherst Christian Pfifer
12/23 Firelands Casey Kelley
12/27 Open Door Tylan Neadham
12/27 Amherst Kyle Ferguson
12/27 Wellington Ben Bliss
12/28 Open Door Mark Yakobchuck
12/28 Amherst Josh Croston
12/28 Wellington Ben Higgins
12/28 Brookside John Wright
12/28 Midview Jonny Manning
12/28 Elyria Catholic Eli Palmer
12/30 Lorain Jamir Billings
12/30 Elyria Josh Mueller
1/3 Keystone Jacob Shackleford
1/3 Oberlin Trajen Chambers
1/10 Midview Tyler Dawson
1/10 Avon Lake Christian Perry
1/11 Keystone Bryan Sayers
1/11 Elyria Matt Siwierka
1/14 Elyria Catholic Branson Taylor
1/17 Avon Mason Wiley
1/17 Amherst Ty Weatherspoon
1/21 Midview Niko Vidal
1/21 North Ridgeville Eddie Laviano
1/24 Clearview CJ Fleming
1/24 Columbia Matt Pettegrew
1/25 Open Door Kevan Ford
1/25 Firelands Jacob Schmitz
1/31 Wellington Mason McClellan
1/31 Oberlin Ty Locklear
2/5 Elyria Catholic Luke Costantino
2/7 Amherst Jason Monos
2/8 Brookside Gabe Pawloski
2/8 Open Door Devon Pincomb
2/11 Midview Marcell Young
2/11 Avon Lake Nate Sidloski
2/13 Lorain Jaevon Manning
2/14 Sean Saterlee Keystone
2/14 Chase Christensen Clearview
2/18 Avon Brody Sheaves
2/18 Lorain Devante Jackson
2/21 Keystone Ryan Walsh
2/21 Columbia Drew Saki

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