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2/1/21 7:40 Dr. Paul Cremer discussed how stress from the pandemic impacts our heart health and if people should be concerned about their own heart health during these times. (8:22)


1/29/21 7:40 Nathan Baxendale, principal at McCormick Middle School in Wellington, discussed how McCormick will make a transition to a STEAM school model next year! (14:02)

1/29/21 8:20 With many still working from home, it’s important to bring self-care and relaxation into that environment! CEO of Scent Marketing Inc., Caroline Fabrigas, talked about why the power of smell is so important to our overall health and wellness! (7:01)


1/28/21 7:40 Ever wonder how far the First Amendement goes? What is true “free speech”? Ian Rosenburg, legal counsel for ABC News and professor of media law at Brooklyn College explains in his new book, IN THE FIGHT FOR FREE SPEECH: Ten Cases That Define Our First Amendment Freedoms. (15:17)

1/28/21 8:10 Jenny Arntz, executive director of Main Street Wellington, and Katie Bevan of Lorain County Public Health discussed a new community health challenge that began this week! (8:34)

1/28/21 8:40 Award-winning journalist Deborah D. Douglas highlighted some important details in her newest work, US Civil Rights Trail: A Traveler’s Guide to the People, Places, and Events That Made the Movement. (14:50)


1/27/21 8:10 Shea Altmont from the Avon Lake Public Library System discussed their celebration of their 90th anniversary! (11:18)

1/27/21 8:40 Dr. C. Nicole Mason, president and chief executive of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, talked about the Unstoppable Together Movement and how women can benefit! (7:11)


1/26/21 8:10 Radio voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers Tim Alcorn joined the show to recap a close loss against the Lakers and what’s on the road ahead for the Cavs!


1/25/21 7:40 Joan Woodward, Executive Vice President of Public Policy for Travelers and President of the Travelers Institute, discussed the current state of autonomous vehicles and what they could mean for roadway safety in the future. (7:14)

1/25/21 8:10 Amanda Manahan from the Oberlin Heritage Center talked about their new event, Freedom’s Friends: The Underground Railroad and Abolitionists in Nothern Ohio. (9:28)

1/25/21 8:40 Jim Mehrling returns to WEOL with the Scholastic Games! (15:15)


1/22/21 7:40 Kristin Acton joined the Morning Show for this week’s Champions of Education, brought to you by the Nordson Corporation! Kristin works as a social worker who operates out of the Avon Lake Schools System and explained the uniqueness of school social work and how COVID-19 has changed things. (10:08)