Wednesday, 10/02/13

Saturday, the Lorain County Joint Vocational School will host its annual Community Appreciation Day, and at 8:10am, we’ll be visited by spokeswoman Tina Salyer.

You’ve seen him on CNN, FOX News and ABC-TV…at 8:40am, travel guru Chris McGinnis returns to WEOL to talk about holiday travel.

Tuesday’s demolition ceremony from Lorain, marking the beginning of the removal of 10-story power towers along the lakefront and riverfront, in hopes of spurring economic development…
Joe Faga, Ohio Edison, Marketing
Randy Frame, Ohio Edision Regional President
Chase Ritenauer, Mayor of Lorain
Frank DeTillio, Lorain City Councilman and President of the Lorain County Chamber of Commerce
Joel Arredondo, Lorain City Council President
Rick Novak, Lorain Port Authority Director

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