Tuesday, 3/6/2018

7:40am – Lorain County Community College will be hosting “Farmland” film and discussion at the Stocker Arts Center on Thursday, March 8th. This morning we spoke with LCCC’s Cindy Kushner and the Ohio Farm Bureau’s Amanda Denes-Diedrick about the film and the upcoming presentation. 10:12

8:10am – Women scientists are playing a pivotal role in advancing cancer cures. Dr. Gwen Nichols, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Selina Chen-Kiang, Ph.D, Professor of Pahology and Laboratory Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, are among them. 9:43

8:40am – In 2018 National Geographic is celebrating “The Year of the Bird,” a commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the world’s first and most significant conservation legislation. As part of that observance, Birds of the Photo Ark showcases the beauty and complexity of birds while urging continued conservation efforts. We learned more about it all with expert birder Noah Strycker13:36

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