Monday, 4/9/2018

7:20am – Indians walked off on Sunday picking up their first series win of 2018. This morning we talked with the Tribes Bob DiBiassio about the weekend victory. 7:58

7:40am – This week the Ohio Association of County  Behavioral Health Authorities is collaborating with the Attorney General’s office in a week of appreciation for those on the front line of Ohio’s opiate epidemic. Spokeswoman Elaine Gorgas talked about how they plan to honor those doing good. 9:17

8:10amSherrana Axford of Lorain County Habitat for Humanity tells us about the upcoming Women Build project. 5:19

8:40amAlan Weiss‘ new book “Three Score and More”, explains how we should not look at age as a weakness in the workforce, but rather an advantage. 13:54

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