7:20 Tim Olson, Associate Director for Field Operations and the U.S. Census Bureau, joined the Morning Show to talk about why responding to the census is important and how many folks in Ohio have responded so far. (7:53)

7:40 Melinda Sawyer, Vice President for Clinical Quality and Patient Safety of UnitedHealthCareGlobal, discusses health worker safety and what those in leadership positions can do to help improve this. (5:31)

8:10 Terry Mazzone from the Wellington Kiwanis talks about the latest activities within the Kiwanis as well as their latest membership boosts. (9:16)

8:40 Chris Gillcrist from the National Museum of the Great Lakes gives us a sneak peek into his Facebook Live call tomorrow with the Lorain Public Library that will focus on “Rum Runners” on the Great Lakes. (17:19)

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