2/18/21 7:20 Mary Snyder, Market CEO for UnitedHealthcare Medicare and Retirement, discussed what people should keep in mind when it comes to their Medicare plan’s coverage in 2021. (5:45)

2/18/21 7:40 Brittany Lovett from the Community Foundation of Lorain County joined the Morning Show to talk about Toni Morrison Day, along with the announcement of the 2021 Toni Morrison Scholars! (9:41)

2/18/21 8:10 Adult service librarian from the Lorain Public Library, Cheri Campbell, expanded the discussion for Toni Morrison Day and talked about why Toni’s novels are still important today! (14:49)

2/18/21 8:40 NASA Chief Engineer Adam Steltzner, who will be located at the Cruise Mission Support Area (CMSA), shared some insight into today’s landing of Perserverance on Mars, the first rover landing on Mars in nearly a decade. (11:21)

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