11/16/21 7:40 Holiday entertaining is easy-as-(apple)pie! Celebrate the season with a spread that’s bursting with flavor! Author of Your Fully Charged Life and lifestyle expert, Meaghan Murphy, shares her favorite fall recipes! (5:50)

11/16/21 8:10 Radio voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers Tim Alcorn stopped by as the wine and gold continue their hot start to the season but have concerns now with the sprained elbow of rookie sensation Evan Mobley. (11:48)

11/16/21 8:40 Imagine living with a disease that can impact critical motor functions, like walking or swallowing, but doesn’t impact the ability to think, learn, and build relationships. That what it’s like for James Ian, and singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor, and writer with Type 3 SMA. He joined the WEOL Morning Show with married couple Shane and Hannah, who talk about life and relationships on their YouTube channel, Squirmy and Grubs. (7:36)

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