11/23/21 7:10 Unlike Hollywood sci-fi movies, we’ve rarely had to deal with incoming asteroids on Earth, but NASA is taking no chances! At 1:30 Wednesday morning, NASA will launch the Double Asteroid Redirection Test, or DART. The first of its kind, DART will test the idea of deflecting an asteroid by colliding with the small moonlet in a double asteroid system. NASA Program Scientist Tom Wagner stopped by to talk some more about the project! (9:33)

11/23/21 8:10 Radio voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers Tim Alcorn dropped by as the wine and gold will look to get off a 4-game losing streak tomorrow night when they play host to the Phoenix Suns. (9:06)

11/23/21 8:20 Solutions for accessing affordable insulin are possible, regardless of insurance status! People with diabetes who use Lilly insulin can access their monthly prescription for $35, if they are uninsured, or use commercial insurance, Medicaid or a participating Medicare Part D plan. Senior Director of U.S. Insulin Brand at Lilly Diabetes Andy Vicari shared more information with us on the Morning Show! (5:16)

11/23/21 8:40 Senior Naturalist Bev Walborn made an appearance as the Holiday Lights Cruise-Thru at the Carlisle Equestrian Center is coming up! It starts next week, and Bev filled us in on the important details! (6:09)

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