5/13/22 7:20 Director Brandi Schnell from the Lorain County Solid Waste Management District dropped by to talk about the new Lorain County Beautiful Day! Formerly known as Pride Day, this gives Lorain County residents the chance to make a difference in their community by signing up to help our area stay clean, green, and beautiful! It takes place next Saturday, May 22nd! (10:51)

5/13/22 7:40 The Tablo Hemodialysis System provides patients the ability to dialyze at home, empowering them to decide where and when they get their treatment. The innovative new device received FDA clearance in 2020, becoming the first new in-home dialysis machine in 15 years. We caught up with David Rush, music producer and recording artist, who’s been dialyzing with Tablo since October 2020, after his nephrologist recommended the new technology to him. (12:33)

5/13/22 8:10 Friday means it’s time for Champions of Education, brought to you by the Nordson Corporation! To honor the late Joe Tait, the Joe Tait Scholarship is awarded to a pair of Cloverleaf High School graduates! Radio voice of the Cavs Tim Alcorn and Scott Malarkey from Hometown Dental both stopped by to talk about honoring Joe and this year’s recipients, Ashton Newton and Laurell Brown! (9:22)

5/13/22 8:40 In her new book, WHERE THE CHILDREN TAKE US: How One Family Achieved the Unimaginable, CNN International Anchor Zain Asher tells the story of her mother’s harrowing fight to raise four children as a widowed immigrant in South London. She joined Bruce and Craig to share a little bit about the book and her experiences. (14:10)

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