6/14/22 7:20 Don’t let the dog days of summer ruin your sleep! CEO of The National Sleep Foundation, John Lopos, stopped by to share 5 tips to become your best slept self! (7:24)

6/14/22 7:40 Most of us are always on the go – whether it’s commuting to work, summer vacation activities, or driving the kids to and from their sports events. Sometimes, we put nutrition on the back burner because we’re so busy. Registered dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick joined the show to talk about how with a little planning, it is possible to eat healthy even when we’re on the move! (6:56)

6/14/22 8:10 It’s time for the Main Street Beat on WEOL, brought to you by the Lorain County Convention and Visitors Bureau. This week we focus on Main Street Vermilion with Executive Director Marilou Suszko to talk about this weekend’s different events on Main Street, including Vermilion in Bloom and the Vermilion Arts Guild! (11:00)

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