9/28/22 7:10 University Hospitals Avon Health Center Fitness Program Manager Renee Barrett joined the guys on the Morning Show at the Avon Health Center! Renee shared how more folks are getting back in the gym following COVID and talked about the many different programs and activities the Avon Health Center provides! Plus, an update on their pool! (8:03)

9/28/22 7:20 Dave O’Brien returned with Rocco Nuosci for this week’s Local Beat, presented by Vandemark Jewelers on East Broad Street in Elyria, a trusted name in jewelry! Dave shared some details from this week’s fire at the Wellington water treatment plant and what the damages mean for the village. Plus, researchers at UH are getting $12.5 million to track flu viruses for the CDC, and Dave explained how and why the grant money came to be. (9:47)

9/28/22 7:40 Since we celebrated Avon this morning, it was only appropriate we talked some Eagles education with Avon Schools Superintendent Ben Hodge! Fresh off homecoming, Ben talked about this past weekend of activities in Avon, how their new performing arts center is doing so far since opening, and what’s in store for the Avon students the rest of this fall semester! (10:26)

9/28/22 8:10 There’s always something going on in the city of Avon! Avon Mayor Bryan Jensen stopped by and started off talking about… chicken? Well, there sure are a lot of poultry spots in Avon. Besides that, Mayor Jensen talked about other projects from around the city as it continues to grow both in the residential and commercial sectors. (9:28)

9/28/22 8:50 You save the best for last, right? UH Avon Health Center General Manager Brad Calabrese joined the table to close out our “Celebrate Avon” day. The facility has seen plenty of changes in the past few years, especially with the pool. Brad announced that the pool is all set to reopen this Saturday, October 1st! Brad walked us through the process of getting the pool ready for guests once again and why folks in Avon will be excited to come back and use it. (7:01)

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