5/25/23 7:40 Words like “healthy” and “balanced” are always used to describe food. But what do they really mean? With all of the diet fads out there, how can we eat healthfully and still enjoy all the foods we love? Registered Dietitian Amy Goodson joined us this morning to tell us how! (6:36)

5/25/23 8:10 Uh, Rosie, our Guards need some help! Our Cleveland Guardians are scuffling here in the month of May. So Jim “Rosie” Rosenhaus made his weekly stop to talk about why things aren’t going well right now and how the Guards can get things turned around before it’s too late! (8:00)

5/25/23 8:40 Memorial Day officially kicks off the start of summer in the U.S., but unfortunately, it also begins the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers. That’s where Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) comes in. Melissa Fox, program manager for DSFL, joined the guys to talk about how DSFL has helped make thousands of teens be safer drivers and how it continues to do so. (10:17)

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