9/15/23 7:40am The Nordson Corporation Champions of Education segment this week focused on A.I. and ChatGPT. Pat Coleman the Executive Director of Educational Technology spoke to the Lorain School Board about the use of such tools today and in the future in schools. (9:00)

9/15/23 8:10am Author, screenwriter and Amherst Ohio native, Sheldon Higdon visited the WEOL studio to talk about his debut novel The Eerie Brothers and the Witches of Autumn. This middle grade novel follows the adventures of twin brothers Horace and Edgar Eerie, featuring time travel, supernatural abilities and hidden family secrets. (11:00)

9/15/23 8:40am Susan Bartosch from Second Harvest Foodbank of North Central Ohio gave us an update on the food insecurity in Lorain County and talked about what people can do to help during September, which is Hunger Action Month. She also highlighted the annual fundraiser Generous Helpings taking place Sept 24. (10:00)

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