Bull’s Eye on the Afternoon Feb. 2017

Monday 2/27/2017

4:10pm – Elyria Mayor Holly Brinda joined us to talk about what the future holds for the city of Elyria

4:40pm – We talked about last night’s Oscars with entertainment journalist Al Harris

Friday 2/24/2017

3:40pm – WEOL News director Craig Adams told us about the Auto Show being held at the I-X center

4:40pm – Get ready for you fantasy baseball draft with Fox Sports contributor Ryan Fowler

5:10pm – Lorain County Metro Parks Ursula Drinko let us know about tonight’s big glow volleyball event at the Oberlin Splash Zone

5:40pm – The Chronicle Telegram’s Lisa Roberson talked about Elyria’s current interest in medical marijuana.

Monday 2/23/2017

3:40pm – Indians Communications Coordinator Joel Hammond join the show from down in Goodyear, Arizona4:40pm – Loran Mayor Chase Ritenauer talked about the State of the City speech he gave earlier today… and the Cubs.5:40pm – Tracey Murphy of St. Marry of the Woods Retirement Community told us how Avon high school students are teaching tech to Seniors in the community.