The WEOL Morning Show

Monday 1/9/2017

Monday, January 9th, 2017

8:40am – The North American International Auto Show has kicked off in Detroit. This morning we spoke Buck Marketing Manager Stuart Fowle who told us what they are revealing at this year’s big show.


Thursday, January 5th, 2017

8:10am – Katie Bevan and Erin Murphy of the Loran County General Health District came by to talk about the organization’s recent growth and how they are now helping all those in Lorian County.

8:40am – Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and Minnesota’s Al Franken have pend a letter to President-elect Donald Trump outlining steps his administration should take to help Congress bring down the cost of prescription drugs. This morning Senator Brown spoke about how this would help many Americans.


Wednesday, 1/4/2016

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

7:40am – The 2017 CES is currently displaying the latest in electronics out in Las Vegas. This morning we spoke with Tech Expert Steve Greenberg about what is on display this year.

8:40am – Looks can be deceiving. That’s the message behind a unique traveling exhibit created by the Bath and Copley Township Police Departments to educate parents on the dangerous things teens may be hiding from them. The display is called Hidden in Plain Sight, and it will be at Avon High School on Thursday at 6pm. This morning Officer Patrick Sullivan told us more about the event and how it can help you be more aware of a child’s drug use and other dangers.


Monday, 1/3/2017

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

8:10am – It’s a new year and it is the 50th Anniversary for the United Way of Greater Lorain County. This morning we were joined by Bill Harper who told us about the organization’s plans for 2017.

8:40am – The Browns 2016 season has come to an end. Scott Petrak of the Chronicle Telegram told us what he thinks the Browns need to do next year to be competitive.