Leadership Through Partnership

In this edition of Leadership Through Partnership Lorain County Commissioners Lori Kokoski, Matt Lundy and Elaine Georgas,, executive director of the County Alcohol and Addiction Services Board discuss Recovery One.

Tim Ortman on the Morning Show

Tim Ortman has worked for thirty-five years as a cameraman and producer for every major U.S. television news network and the Foreign Press Corps.

During his time, he has been on the front lines of wars, revolutions, terrorist attacks, presidential elections and much more.

In his new book, Newreal: A View Through the Lens When.. He recounts a world when anchormen were more trusted than Presidents.

During the Morning Show, Ortman spoke with Bruce and Craig about his time in the field, and how he feels news reporting has changed in the modern day.

Three Score and More


Ageism is one of the last accepted forms of bias in the work place, but it has been proven wrong time and again, with many examples of people forced to retire at 65 who are actually at the top of their game.

On the WEOL Morning Show, Alan Weiss, Author of the new book, “Three Score and More” joined Craig and Bruce to talk about the importance of having older men and women in the workforce.

Hear what Weiss had to say, and get tips for staying fresh and powerful in the work force at an older age.

Bringing light to those without

Brian Barr and 17 members of Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives recently took a trip to Guatemala on a mission to bring electricity to two small impoverished villages.

During the trip, Barr served as the project’s documentarian, taking photos and video of the groups effort.

While there, the group constructed distribution lines and installed all electrical services, meters, main panels and internal wiring to more than 140 households in the villages of Las Tortugas and San Jorge.

As a part of the project, each household also received a water filtration system, so the residents no longer have to boil the water before cooking with it or drinking.

After returning to the States, Brian joined the WEOL Morning Show and told us about his trip to Guatemala.


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