First Hand Account from Charlottesville Protests

This morning on the WEOL Morning Show, Bruce and Craig spoke with Charlottesville, VA residents and former co-ministers of the West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church of Rocky River Wayne Arnason and Kathleen Rolenz about the weekend’s  violent protests in Virginia.

To hear their first hand account of what took place at this weekend’s protests in Virginia click here.


Spotlight on Amherst On Demand

July 17 – July 19 our morning show went live from Arabica Bistro in Amherst for the Spotlight on Amherst.

During the three day event, Bruce and Craig spoke with everyone from the Mayor of Amherst to the local business owners.  If you missed any of the interviews during the week, check out the Spotlight on Amherst page right here on You can click on the image above or access the page by going to the menu bar.

And make sure to tune in September 11-13 as we take our Spotlight Series on the Road to Elyria.


Bone Marrow Donation

Everyday, Americans are diagnosed with blood and bone cancer. Sometimes the best way to help those dealing with these diseases is to perform a bone marrow transfusions.

Be The is a international registry for those interested in donating their bone marrow to help others. On the WEOL Morning Show, Joanne Felina told us her story of being diagnosed with  leukemia and how a bone marrow transfusion has helped her . During the interview, Joanne talked about the process she went through to find a donor and how those who are interested can volunteer to help save a life.

Listen to Joanne’s interview by clicking here. You can visit to learn more about how you can donate bone marrow.

Local News

For almost a week now the FBI has been in Elyria searching for clues into the disappearance of Middleburg Heights teenager Tierra Bryant.

She went missing nearly two years ago, and recently police arrested Rashan Hunt, a man they believe is responsible for her death.

The Chronicle Telegram’s Lisa Roberson has been covering the story since it broke. On Tuesday, she joined Bull and Matt on Bull’s Eye on the Afternoon to give us the latest information on the case. During their conversation she also talked about how Lorain County Community College is working to become the first community college in Ohio to offer a bachelors degree program.

Hear Lisa’s interview on Bull’s Eye on the Afternoon by clicking here.

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