Scholastic Games


Check out this week’s Scholastic Games! Host Jim Mehrling welcomes in the teams from Midview and Elyria in this week’s episode in a back-and-forth competition!


This episode will play LIVE on WEOL again this week, Thursday night at 6 PM!

Scholastic Games

Check out this week’s Scholastic Games with Jim Mehrling as Avon Lake battles Oberlin!

Alcorn Archive – January 22nd

Every Friday, tune into the Alcorn Archive, presented by Ecotree Services! We go back in time with radio voice of the Cavs Tim Alcorn to talk about some of Tim’s favorite play-by-play moments with WEOL!

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Latest Episode – January 22nd, 2020

Quadruple overtime last week, triple overtime this week! Tim goes back to a 2015 boys state tournament matchup that took three overtimes to settle between Lorain and Brunswick. Take a listen below!

Champions of Education

Kristin Acton joined the Morning Show for this week’s Champions of Education, brought to you by the Nordson Corporation! Kristin works as a social worker who operates out of the Avon Lake Schools System and explained the uniqueness of school social work and how COVID-19 has changed things.

Take a listen below!