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7:20 Andy Love, the Director of Brand and Sales for Maserati North America, discusses the latest car trends as well as the launch of the new Maserati MC20. (7:39)

7:40 Chris Bensch joins the WEOL Morning Show to talk about the 2020 finalists for the National Toy Hall of Fame and how they each greatly influenced the world of play. (15:52)

8:10 Susan Barthosch from Second Harvest of North Central Ohio joined the Morning Show to talk about the 15th annual Generous Helpings event that takes place on September 27th! (12:59)

8:40 Dr. Kathy Flanagan, an experienced board-certified psychiatrist, talks about Bipolar I Disorded among a number of other mental health conditions to be aware of during the COVID-19 pandemic. (6:49)


7:20 Tim Olson, Associate Director for Field Operations and the U.S. Census Bureau, joined the Morning Show to talk about why responding to the census is important and how many folks in Ohio have responded so far. (7:53)

7:40 Melinda Sawyer, Vice President for Clinical Quality and Patient Safety of UnitedHealthCareGlobal, discusses health worker safety and what those in leadership positions can do to help improve this. (5:31)

8:10 Terry Mazzone from the Wellington Kiwanis talks about the latest activities within the Kiwanis as well as their latest membership boosts. (9:16)

8:40 Chris Gillcrist from the National Museum of the Great Lakes gives us a sneak peek into his Facebook Live call tomorrow with the Lorain Public Library that will focus on “Rum Runners” on the Great Lakes. (17:19)


7:40 Bob Dibiasio from the Cleveland Indians makes his weekly appearance on the WEOL Morning Show as the guys recap a rough weekend set with the Twins and preview this week’s games! (7:01)

8:10 Hispanic Fund Board Vice President Marcus Atkinson talks about their annual event, being held virtually this year, on Wednesday, September 16th! (13:00)

8:40 Dr. Susan Little, Professor in Veterinary Parasitology at Oklahoma State University, hones in on the relationship between parasites and the COVID-19 pandemic. (6:46)


7:40 Ann Schloss, Elyria Schools Superintendent, joined the WEOL Morning Show to talk about how the return to classes has gone so far in this unprecedented school year! (9:20)

8:10 Author Catherine Newman has some tips and tricks for kids to show how easy it is to free themselves from parental nagging and become more dependable in her latest novel How To Be A Person. (11:38)


7:40 Patricia Vance, President of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), along with Research Director Dr. Rachel Kowert discuss what parents needs to know when it comes to their kids, video games, and screen time. (9:50)

8:10 Tony Gallo from the Lorain County Chamber of Commerce also joined the WEOL Morning Show to talk about the annual Economic Summit that takes place virtually on September 18th at 12:15 PM. (22:14)


7:40 Bob DiBiasio from the Cleveland Indians joins the WEOL Morning Show to talk about a successful series over the weekend against the Brewers and a tough week ahead as the Tribe takes on some familiar AL Central foes. (8:34)


7:40 Virginia Buckingham was head of Boston’s Logan Airport at the time of the World Trade Center attacks. She joined the WEOL Morning Show to discuss how crises can bring out the best in us and shares some tips on building resilience. (10:56)

8:10 Kat Bray, Health Education Specialist, also joined the morning show to talk about the dangers of e-cigarettes and why they are unsafe despite the beliefs of many young people. (8:14)