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Monday, 11/25/2019

7:20am – December 1st is World AIDS Day. Dr. Peter Sklar joined us this morning to talk about common misconceptions many Millennials have about HIV. 7:26

8:10am – 2020 marks the 400th Anniversary of the Mayflowrs landing at Plymouth Rock. This morning Michele Pecoraro, Executive Director of Plymouth 400, spoke to us about their plans for the big celebration. 9:04

8:40amScott Petrak of the Chronicle Telegram talks to us about another big win for the Browns. 13:25

Friday, 11/22/2019

8:40pm – Local Musician Jerry Popiel stops by to talk about his new album Ten Miles


Thursday, 11/21/2019

7:40amEreka Vetrini, TV Host and Lifestyle Expert, gives us her tips for bing the ultimate Holiday host. 5:51

8:10am – Liftoff!!! It’s time for the Third Annual Alka-Rocket Challenge. In the competition, STEM scholars will compete for a chance to become Guinness World Record holders. Ray Kerins, Senio VP of Bayer tells us about this years Challenge. 7:51

8:40am – Find out what this years hot tech gifts are with Tech-Life Columnist Jennifer Jolly9:00

Wednesday, 11/20/2019

8:40am – get the goods on what is going down at the LA Auto Show with Industry Expert Mike Caudill 7:34

Tuesday, 11/19/2019

7:20am – MotorTrend executive editor, Mark Rechtin let’s us know what cars they have deemed tops in their class. 8:36

8:10amHelen Kopp of the Black River Stamp Club talks about Saturday’s  Show in Elyria a the St. Jude School Hall. 14:16

8:40am – Former sports Lawyer and author, Jim Quinn talks about his new book, Don’t be afraid to win: How Free Agency Changed the Business of Pro Sports11:39

Monday, 11/18/2019

7:40am – New toys are hitting the shelves for the holiday season. Hear about the hot new items with the Toy Guy Chris Byrine7:26

8:10amBrigadier General Alex Fink, Chief of Army Enterprise Marketing, tells us how talks about the new era of the military. 4:13

8:40am – The Chronicle Telegram’s Scott Petrak gives his take on the Browns and Steelers. 12:41


Thursday, 11/14/2019

8:20am –  Cyndi Lauper and Dr. Michelle Henry talk about handeling Psoriasis and a career. 9:32

8:40am – It’s Flu season, Bruce and Craig get their shots with Lorain County Public Healths’ Lynn Sheffield and Katie Bevan 12:54