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Wednesday, 1/4/2016

7:40am – The 2017 CES is currently displaying the latest in electronics out in Las Vegas. This morning we spoke with Tech Expert Steve Greenberg about what is on display this year.

8:40am – Looks can be deceiving. That’s the message behind a unique traveling exhibit created by the Bath and Copley Township Police Departments to educate parents on the dangerous things teens may be hiding from them. The display is called Hidden in Plain Sight, and it will be at Avon High School on Thursday at 6pm. This morning Officer Patrick Sullivan told us more about the event and how it can help you be more aware of a child’s drug use and other dangers.


Monday, 1/3/2017

8:10am – It’s a new year and it is the 50th Anniversary for the United Way of Greater Lorain County. This morning we were joined by Bill Harper who told us about the organization’s plans for 2017.

8:40am – The Browns 2016 season has come to an end. Scott Petrak of the Chronicle Telegram told us what he thinks the Browns need to do next year to be competitive.

Wednesday, 12/21/2016

8:40amBill Davidge, TV Analyst of the Columbus Blue Jackets, talked to us about the teams current success and their record breaking season so far.


Monday, 12/19/2016

8:40am – Scott Petrak of the Chronicle Telegram talked to Bruce and Craig about about the Browns latest debacle in Buffalo.

Friday, 12/16/2016

7:40am – It’s a very Tuba Christmas!Hear more about the big event coming to the Lorain Palace Theater with Joe Vondruska and Dale Hildebrand.

8:40am – After 37 years journalist Steve Fogarty has announced he will be retiring from his duties at the Chronicle Telegram. Today on the Morning Show he spoke with Bruce and Craig about his experiences while working in Lorain County.

Thursday, 12/15/16

7:20am – The bill of rights was adopted 225 years ago to this day. However, Americans of all ages don’t have a clue about where it came from, how we got here, or why our nation’s history is to be remembered and revered. Julie Silverboork, Executive Director of the Constitutional Sources Project , gave us a little more insight into the amazing document.

7:40am – Christmas is nearly here. This morning the Toy Guy, Chris Byrne, told us about the hottest toy trends of the season.

8:10am – Technology has changed the ways in which people connect, but for families, the basics of talking with children about safety remains the same. Working with expert partners from around the wold, Facebook has pulled together some useful tips to make it easier to speak with you child about their online safety, Antigone Davis, Head of Global Safety at Facebook, gave us a few tips this morning.


Tuesday, 12/13/2016

7:40am – Nearly one in three families struggle to afford diapers for their babies. In response to a nationwide call from the White House to address the Diaper Divide, jet.com has launched it’s community diaper program with the help of the national Diaper Bank Netowrk. Find out more about the program with Joanne Goldblum, CEO of the National Diaper Bank Network.

8:10am – Underage drinking is a serious public health problem in the US and here in Lorain County. Today Elane Georgas of Communities that care told us about the upcoming Communities Talk Forum to let parents know more about this problem.

8:40amJennifer Call, Artistic Director of the Oberlin Choristers, told us about the Oberlin Choristers and their upcoming Songs for the Season Concert at Finney Chapel in Oberlin.