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Friday, 6/20/14

Our friend Jerry Popiel will be preforming this weekend in Avon Lake… get the details!

Thursday, 6/19/14

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the 1924 tornado that struck downtown Lorain and Sandusky.  Betsy D’Annibale has written a book about the deadly twister.

Damien Echols and Lorri Davis of the “West Memphis Three” talk joined the show and spoke about their new book Paradise Lost.

WEOL’s Chief Meteorologist, Jon Loufman, talks about that wicked weather we had last night.

Wednesday, 6/18/14

Author Ron Felber explores a world of power, corruption and human trafficking in his new thriller, The Kafka Society.

The woman who inspired the hit TV show, The Ghost Whisperer, is coming to the Spitzer Conference Center on June 27th.  We talked with Mary Ann Winkowski.

Tuesday, 6/17/17

No interviews today.

Monday, 6/16/14

The Tribe is coming back home! Here to talk about the upcoming homestand is the one and only Bob DiBiasio!

A Tribe Reborn: How the Cleveland Indians of the ’90s Went from Cellar Dwellers to Playoff Contenders. That’s the title of George Christian Pappas new book… a must read on our list.

Friday, 6/13/14

The curtain will soon go up on the Oberlin Summer Theater Festival.  We found out what’s new.

Ground is breaking in Oberlin and we have Oberlin College President Marvin Krislov give us the low down. Oberlin Project Founder David Orr also gives us his 2 cents.

Spotlight on Lorain

Join Bruce and Craig from The Morning Show as we Shine the Spotlight on Lorain! We’ll be at DeLuca’s Place in the Park for the International Festival Breakfast on Monday, June 24th and at the Lorain Palace Theater on Tuesday and Wednesday the 25th and 26th. We’ll get an in-depth look at this historic community as we interview local business owners, educators, political leaders and historians.

Monday 6-23 (from DeLuca’s Place In The Park)


Tuesday 6-24 (from the Lorain Palace Theater)


Wednesday 6-25 (from the Lorain Palace Theater)