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Wednesday, 7/1/2015

With the country still recovering from the 2008 recession what can change the tides and set the sails straight. Author of the Entrepreneur’s Manifesto, Steve Mariotti has the answers.

If you looking for a patriotic destination for the holiday weekend Editor and Chief of Travel Girl Magazine, Stephanie Oswald has got some great ideas.

Tuesday, 6/30/2015

Wondering where you can find your favorite foods, stores or anything else in Lorain County. Wonder no longer, Ed Skimin introduces the iphone app Emerge.

Monday, 6/29/2015

It’s Tribe time with Bob Dibiasio

It’s been 25 years since Major League opened up in theaters. Go behind the scenes with Jonathan Knight, the author of The Making of Major League.

Thursday, 6/25/2015

Rick Soto sits down with Bruce and Craig to talk about this years Lorain County International Festival.

Wednesday, 6/24/2015

One in five Americans are smoking cigarettes. Many wish they didn’t. Dr. Albert Rizzo talks about a phone app that could help many quit the pesky habit.

Edwin Land, was the original Steve Jobs. He dropped out of Harvard to commercialize his plastic polarizer which can be found today in products ranging from sunglasses to LCD TVs. Find out more about the founder of Polaroid with the author of a Triumph of Genius, Ronald K. Fierstein. 

Tuesday, 6/23/2015

The Oberlin Summer Theater is entering its seventh year. Treasure Islands performer, Colin Wullf well let you know what you can expect from this years performances.

Monday, 6/22/2015

Cody Anderson got his first start with the Indians over the weekend. Find out all about the Tribes new hurler from Indians insider Bob DiBiasio.

The International Festival is underway. Don Nickerson welcomes everyone to the event with the annual breakfast speech .

Get to know the new Lorain County Schools new superintendent, Tom Tucker.

Mayor Chase Rittenhauer stops by the WEOL booth at the International Festival for a chat with Bruce and Craig.

Life lessons, International Festival and football, Glenville coach Ted Ginn Sr. talks about it all with Bruce, Craig and Tim.