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Wednesday, 3/26/14

From Dorothy’s red slippers to dinosaurs to the Wright brothers’ plane, the Smithsonian is filled with objects fascinating to kids. Yet choosing what to see at the Smithsonian can challenge even the most enthusiastic families. Check out Emily Korrell’s new book - Awesome Adventures at the Smithsonian: The Official Kids Guide to the Smithsonian Institution.

How cool would it be to work at “America’s Favorite Roller Coast”? Find out for yourself! Cedar Point is hiring and Bryan Edwards is here to provide details.

Tuesday, 3/25/14

No interviews today.

Monday, 3/24/14

No interviews today.

Friday, 3/21/14

No interviews today. Happy Weekend!

Thursday, 3/20/14

Ken Glanc from the Elyria Comic Book Initiative joins The Morning Show to talk about “Captain Comic Book” and much more!

Wednesday, 3/19/14

Oberlin College Professor Steve Crowley focuses on Russia and Eastern Europe, peace & conflict studies, revolutions, and globalization.

Tuesday, 3/18/14

Author Cynthia B. Beyers, Ph.D. joined us to talk about her new book, “A Word from Our Sponsors” - a fascinating tale of how ad agencies helped invent broadcast entertainment in the 1930′s and 1940′s.

International travel expert Stephanie Oswald, editor-in-chief of travelgirl Magazine gives us tips on everything from where to go, what to pack and getting the most for your travel.