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Friday, 6/30/2017

8:10am –  Nicole Haas and Ed Moran of Hooks for Hunger told us about the upcoming Walleye Tournament in Avon Lake.

8:40am – The Elyria Public Library System will hold a program on July 6 about the history of Lorain County’s railroad system. Adam Matthews told us more about the event today on the Morning Show.


Thursday, 6/29/2017

7:20am – Famed author R.L. Stine joined Bruce and Craig this morning to talk about the 25th anniversary of the Goosebumps novels and the future of the franchise.

7:40amSenator Sherrod Brown told us about the latest from the nations capital.

8:40amChris Gillcrist of the National Museum of the Great Lakes told us about the ships, war, and the railroads.

Wednesday, 6/28/2017

8:40am – Jerome Loving’s new book Jack and Norman: On the Legacy of Norman Mailer’s “The Executioner’s Song” tells the true story of how  author Norman Mailer worked to have have Jack Abbot freed from federal prison. Just six month’s after his release, Abbot went on to murder a man and flee the county.  This morning Jerome spoke with Bruce and Craig about the book and his research.

Tuesday, 6/27/2017

8:10am – Olympic Swimming Champion Summer Sanders talked with us about tonight’s Collegiate Women Sports Awards

Monday, 6/26/2017

7:20am – The Tribe will be taking off for Puerto Rico next season and All-Star voting…Find out more with the Indian’s Bob DiBiasio.

8:10am – It seems everyone in Lorain County has been impacted by the recent opioid crisis. This morning the Blessing House’s Donna Humphrey talked about how their organization has been effected and what they are doing to try and help those in need.

8:40am – For many taking care of an aging loved one can be a hardship. In the new book, How to Have Fun with you Aging Parent’s, Christina Britton Conroy gives you tips for taking care of and older loved one.


Friday, 6/23/2017

7:40am – The new book Shark, by Brian Skerry, brings shark encounters to life. We spoke with  Brian about his research on the Morning Show.


James Hampson played his horn during Spellebrate Lorain County. Our own Craig Adams caught up with him to ask about his horns.

Thursday, 6/22/2017

7:40am –  Janet Haar from the Oberlin Chamber of Commerce told us about Saturday’s Chalk Walk.

8:20am – Tanks will invade the I-X Center this Saturday.  World of Tanks spokesman Steve Legerski tells us more.


On Wednesday, the Lorian Community Foundation held a lunch to acknowledge all those who have helped them over the year. Hear sound from the event below.

Brian Fredrick of Community Foundation.