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Thursday, 3/17/16

Taking Medications can be tricky, whether it be taking them at the correct times of day, or knowing what the drugs will do for you. Today we got some great information about medication with Pharmacist Dr.Mobolaji Adeola.

This morning Senator Sherrod Brown shared his thoughts about Tuesday’s Ohio Primary and President Obama’s recent appointment to the Supreme Court.

Dr. Vincent Reyes and others spoke with Bruce about the importance of taking steps to prevent colon cancer.

Wednesday, 3/16/16

This St. Patrick’s Day join the party a that is fun for the whole family. Sober Seventeenth will hold their second annual St. Patrick’s Day Party at Avon Lakes’ Ahern’s Banquet Center . The event will begin at 5pm on Thursday, and will feature a number of artist who specialize in Irish song, instrument and dance. This morning Jack Kilroy told us how he and his colleagues got the idea for the alcohol free event on the Morning Show.

Hillary was the big winner on the democratic side in the Tuesday night Primary. Today we spoke with political analyst Tom Orlando about what is next for Hillary and the democratic party.

Tuesday, 2/15/2016

Lorain County’s own Emily Keener is making a name for herself on NBC’s hit show the Voice. Today, she called in to the Morning Show to talk about here experience working with the coaches.

Monday, 3/14/16

There are a number of job openings in Lorain County. This morning Chad Grude of Job Genius let us know about them and told us how we can better our chances at landing that perfect job.

Beast of Whitehall is the newest documentary from director Seth Breedlove. The film centers on a bizarre entity that attacked a truck carrying three teenage boys on the outskirts of Whitehall, New York in 1976. The eerie being was later seen by at least eleven people,  eight of whom were were law enforcement officials. Before the film debuts at the Canton Film Festival on April 21st, hear what Breedlove has to say about his latest movie.

Friday, 3/11/2016

Got Honey!! Find out more about the super food created by our little buzzing friends and how you can start your own bee colony with Lorain County Beekeeping Association President Denzil St. Clair.

Thursday, 3/10/2016

In his new book, Jeff Buck tells you about his life as an undercover agent and the job he took as a small town police chief that led him into the battle with the Hells Angels. Before you pick up the book, hear from the man who lived through it all, Jeff Buck.

Wednesday, 3/9/2016

John Feinstein’s newest book takes a look at the men who have shaped college basketball in the new era. Today on the Morning Show John gave us a glimpse at his newest book The Legends Club: Dean Smith, Mike Krzyzewski, Jim Valvano, and an Epic College Basketball Rivalry.