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Tuesday, 5/24/14

Amy Newmark is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Chicken Soup for the Soul.  We talked with Amy about a new book, Living With Alzheimer’s and Other Dementia.

Monday, 5/26/14

Happy Memorial Day!

ABC News will highlight the best buys of summer and the hottest summer movies.

Friday, 5/23/14

Design Expert Emily Henderson gives us tips on how to get organized for summer!

Elyria Schools Superintendent Paul Rigda talks about the importance of preschool & Elyria’s open enrollment.

Greg Ring from the Education Service Center gives us a review of their report card.

Thursday, 5/22/14

8.3 million Americans are suffering from gout, yet only 10% are getting needed, ongoing treatment. Today is Gout Awareness Day, and Dr. Larry Edwards schools us!

Wednesday, 5/21/14

Stacie Starr was named the LIVE Kelly & Michael Top Teacher in the nation of 2014. It was an awesome adventure as she went from a top 12 finalist to top five and finally, became THE top teacher to win the grand prize, a 2014 Ford Escape! Listen to her interview with WEOL’s Bruce Van Dyke!

Tuesday, 5/20/14

For 200 years, mastery of the sextant was vital for every ocean-going navigator – early explorers and generations of sailors relied on in to chart and travel the seas. Author and lifelong sailor David Barrie celebrates the power and poetry of the sextant as it guided history’s defining voyages – and his own trans-Atlantic crossing.

Monday, 5/19/14

It was a rough weekend for Indians baseball, but VP Bobby D. joined the Morning Show with some brighter news.

Paul Koziol gives us the low down on the Discover Aviation Days, taking place at the Lorain County Regional Airport over Memorial Day weekend!

Julie Chase-Morefield, Executive Director of Second Harvest at the Groundbreaking Ceremony.

What happens in a day of the life of a coastguard.