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Tuesday, 5/15/2018

7:20am – We have all seen the images of pets impacted by a major hurricane, wildfire, tornado or other natural disaster. Find out how you can best prepare your pets for a natural disaster with Animal Protection Expert Patricia Mercer6:59

8:10am -Learn how to stream like a pro with Abby Reyes of Roku 4:16

8:40am – Is the public pool you are swimming in clean? Find out what measures you can take to make sure it is with Dr. Ralph Morris6:42


Monday, 5/14/2018

7:20amBob DiBiasio of the Cleveland Indians tells us about the weekend series with the Royals and what lies ahead for the Tribe. 6:45

7:40am – Learn about blood cancer and how it is treated with with Dr. Alexey Danilov. 7:38

8:20am – Learn all about flying at Discover Aviation Day at the Lorain County Airport on May 19th. This morning we learned more about the event and pancake breakfast that precedes the day with spokesman Dan Maly9:36

Friday, 5/14/2018

7:40am – American’s prioritization of eye health screening is lacking. Hear why and how you can maintain good vision with Dr. Michael Cooney3:38

8:40amMarjorie Snyder tells us about this years Discover the Ridge taking place in North Ridgevill on Saturday. 5:56

Thursday, 5/14/2018

7:40amSheffield Village Mayor John Hunter talks about a upcoming meeting with business leaders and what it will mean for his Village. 13:49

8:20amKatie Bevan and Kat Bray from Lorain County Public Health tell us about Lorain Better Block 10:19

8:40am Chick Against Hunger (Ann Marie, Sherry and Kim) talk about their upcoming fundraiser at Smitty’s on May 22nd. 7:17


Wednesday, 5/9/2018

7:40am – The primaries are in the books, now get reaction from WEOL political analysts David Arredondo and Tom Orlando. 19:45

Tuesday, 5/8/2018

7:40amCyrus Farivar’s new book Habeaus Data explains how American privacy laws are inadequate for the current and furture state of surveillance technology. 14:12

8:40am – We welcome back Barbara Hannah Grufferman who told us about her new book Love Your Age: The Small-Step Solution to a Better, Longer, Happier Life. 9:58 

Monday, 5/7/2018

7:20am – Indians were swept over the weekend by the Yankees, so what’s next? Find out with the Tribe’s Bob DiBiasio during our weekly Tribe Talk segment. 5:55

7:40am -Approximately 10 Million Americans have osteoporosis and many more may be at risk of developing the bone disease. Learn what you can do to maintain strong and healthy bones with nationally recognized expert on healthy and positive aging, Barbara Grufferman9:38

8:10am – The upcoming “Good Deeds” seminar at JVS will explain deeds and how to properly prepare them. We learned more about the event today with Lorain County Probate Judge James Walther and County Recorder Judy Nedwick14:52