Spotlight On Oberlin

WEOL turns the Spotlight on Oberlin as Bruce and Craig take the WEOL Morning Show on the road! They’ll broadcast live from 7-9am from the Oberlin Inn Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, September 10 – 12.

Find out what city leaders, educators, businesses and historians have to say about the town that Ohio Magazine editors named one of the Best Hometowns in Ohio.

David Orr Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics and Special Assistant to the President of Oberlin College
Bryan Stubbs Managing Director of the Oberlin Project
Betsy Manderen Firelands Association for the Visual Arts
Dr. Richard Hetsko Oberlin Hearing Care
Laurie Johnson Aquatics Facility Manager at Splash Zone
Denise Gula Ohio Dance Theater
Jill Herron & Heidi Freas Welcome Nursing Home
Liz Schultz Oberlin Heritage Center
Marvin Krislov Oberlin College President
Sandy Kish New Agrarian Center
Michelle Andrews Oberlin Doggie Doo and Pooch Parade

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