Spotlight On Amherst

Thanks to Bob Evans in Amherst for hosting us as we shined the spotlight on the charming community of yours! Check out our interviews from some of the town’s most interesting people!
A historic city located just a short distance from Lake Erie, Amherst boasts a population of approximately 12,000 and encompasses seven square miles.  We have wonderful residential districts and excellent schools.  For more history and other information see Amherst At A Glance.

Interviews with Amherst’s Most Interesting People!

Monday 4/22
Heather Fraelich – Lorain County Visitors Bureau
Mayor Dave Taylor
Bob Pallante – Historical Society
Tuesday 4/23
Steve Sayers – Superintendent of Amherst Schools
Georgie – A Beau Monde Salon
Amy Denger – The Nord Center
Wednesday 4/24
Jim Ziemnik & Ryan Ladd – Lorain County Metroparks
April Wiseman & Herb de la Porte – Discount EMS Supplies
Theresa Gilles – Main Street Amherst
Don Dovala & Cheryl Ashton – Amherst Public Library

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