Gardening, Landscaping and Agriculture in Ohio

Horticulturalist Charles Behnke joins The Morning Show about once a month, giving us seasonal tips on gardening, landscaping and agriculture in Ohio. Among the many topics he covers: what’s in bloom and what to do about it, how to care for our trees, lawns and gardens each season, composting, landscaping and pest control.

Listen live on air and online or listen at your convenience to any of his previous interviews.

6/06/14  Horticulturist Charles Behnke visited Bruce and Craig to talk about what’s happening right now in your yard and garden.

5/16/14  Charles Behnke stops in to talk about the crazy amount of rain and the crazy growth in grass!

4/25/14 WEOL’s Horticulturist, Mr. Charles Behnke, returns to prepare us for spring! Won’t be long now… (we hope)!

3/28/14 Our horticulturist Charles Behnke joins the Morning Show talks daffodils, pine trees and more! Get ready for Spring.

2/18/14 Spring is just around the corner…really, it is.  Lorain County HorticulturistCharles Behnke plants the seeds of wisdom! pt.1|pt.2|pt.3

12/11/13 From Christmas trees to poinsettias…Lorain County Horticulturist Charles Behnke sorts it all out.

10/24/13 Lorain County Horticulturist Charles Behnke stops by to talk about autumn leaves, composting and other yardly things.

9/20/13 Lorain County’s Master Horticulture Charles Behnke joins us in-studio to talk about what you should be doing now in your garden.

4/16/13 Horticulturist Charles Behnke joins The Morning Show and tells us how to beat grubs and crabgrass… it’s time to battle!

3/12/13 Spring is upon us! Horticulturist Charles Behnke paid the morning show a visit to talk about spring clean-up & bagworms.

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Also, tune into Plant Talk, 8 – 9 AM, Saturdays on WEOL
Ohio Nurseryman Fred Hower takes your phone calls toll free in regards to any plant concern you might have. Whether you’re a natural green thumb, or a naturally green when it comes to a garden, Fred helps you step by step in this one-hour packed program.

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