Avon advances to Finals of Scholastic Games of Lorain County Presented by the Elyria Public Library System

Avon team: Jacob Boesger, Alex Stamatis and Connor Smith

On Monday, May 6th the Avon team made up of Jacob Boesger, Connor Smith and Alex Stamatis defeated the Lake Ridge Academy team of Sparsh Balabadrapatruni, John Harrington and Ryan Rosu by a score of 360 – 270 to advance to the 2019 Scholastic Games of Lorain County.

Avon jumped out to an early lead scoring a perfect 60 points in the “Initial Round” while Lake Ridge totaled  30 points in the opening stanza. However, the Avon lead would be cut to just 10, after Lake Ridge worked their way back in the following “Current Events Round”.

In round three, the first round with a buzzer, the quick thinking of Avon allowed the Eagles to once again gain the advantage as they ended the period up 160-90 over Lake Ridge.

In the next two rounds, the two teams traded leads before Avon finally pulled away in the final round claiming the victory and with it a spot in this year’s final. Avon’s Alex Stamatis was named the Standout Scholar Award winner, picking up the honor for the second time this season.

Listen to the entire show below, and hear archived shows on the Scholastic Games of Lorain County web page here.

Make sure to tune in next Monday at 3pm on WEOL for the second semifinal featuring Avon Lake and Elyria.


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