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12-20-23 This week, the guys dive into the latest surrounding the controversy around emergency first responders radios across Lorain County. Plus, in Lorain, a new “clean and lien” program is being put in place to help shore up loose trash around the city.

12-13-23 This week, the guys discuss a decrease in school attendance on Monday of this week because of a bomb threat made Sunday night. Plus, local food pantries are seeing an increase in demand as Dave shared the latest.

11-29-23 This week, the guys discuss the opening of warming centers across Lorain County as those in need face the dangers and challenges of bracing the oncoming frigid temperatures. Plus, the guys take a look at the ongoing Broadway Commons project in Lorain as city council continues discussions surrounding the permanent supportive housing project.

11-22-23 This week, the guys discuss the latest proposals for redevelopment options for the Midway Mall property in Elyria. Plus, if you ever wondered what life in the Lorain County was like back in the 1800’s, the Avon Lake Public Library may just have answers for you!

11-8-23 This week, the guys discuss how the city of Elyria will look to handle repeated car crashes into the same home on Chestnut Ridge Road. Plus, Lorain is now changing how tobacco sales will operate throughout the city.

11-1-23 This week, the guys discuss the ground breaking for the state’s first Crisis Receiving Center being built on South Broadway in Lorain. Plus, music fans will appreciate the newest gold record hanging on the wall’s of Smitty’s Place, “A New World Record”, to be precise!

10-25-23 This week, the guys talk about the status of the health of the Black River and its fish as it continues to improve despite continuing concerns. Plus, Lorain County residents are encouraged to register for this month’s “Think Tank” at LCCC, taking place October 30th and 31st, as residents can give their input for the proposed five-year Lorain County Strategic Action Plan.

10-18-23 This week, the guys discuss the impact of a couple of promotions within the Lorain County Sheriff’s office including a new leader for the HEAL Human Trafficking Task Force. Plus, Dave recapped a coat giveaway this past weekend in Elyria that honored Jordan Flanigan who lost his life last October in a tragic shooting.

10-11-23 This week, the guys discuss the latest debate centered around Issue 20 that Lorain County voters will see on the November ballot. Plus, students at Eastview Elementary in Avon Lake got a little “silly” with string after selling over 1,300 chrysanthemums!

10-4-23 This week, the guys discuss a story out of Lorain where a volunteer chaperone brought a firearm on a field trip late last month. Plus, this Sunday in Vermilion, it’s the return of the Woollybear Festival!

9-27-23 This week, the guys discuss the recent announcement from Lorain County Sheriff Phil Stammitti that he will not be seeking re-election for a seventh term. Plus, Dave shared the latest results from the Midway Mall survey that was completed by residents in Elyria.

9-20-23 This week, the guys discuss recent approval of $1 million for the construction of the Lorain County Crisis Receiving Center in Lorain. Plus, the Confess Project made its way to Elyria on Monday as barbers and stylists traded in their chairs and clippers to take a seat to learn about mental health in their communities.

9-13-23 Dave detailed some recent stories in the newspaper including a possible UAW strike, the county’s strategic plan, response to Elyria’s survey about the Midway Mall and the late Jane Norton receiving national DAR Medal of Honor.

9-6-23 This week, the guys discuss the party in Lorain this past weekend for the annual Labor Day celebration at the Black River Landing! Plus, the guys take a look at the impact BrightView Health has had in Lorain County as they celebrate one year of operations.

8-30-23 This week, the guys are all about back to school! Wellington is kicking off another school year in “Kindland” along with thousands of other schools across the country. Plus, a new NASA program is helping students at Ely Elementary foster a love for science!

8-23-23 This week, the guys discussed recent accusations of an Elyria Wastewater Department employee harassing Elyria Mayor Frank Whitfield and his family. Plus, Dave shared the latest from Avon Lake as they prepare for the total solar eclipse next year.

8-16-23 The guys recapped this past weekend’s North Ridgeville Corn Festival that saw over 10,000 people make their way to Ranger land! Plus, Dave shared the latest regarding upgrades this fall set for Campana Park and the Pipe Yard in Lorain.

8-9-23 This week, the guys talked about the third annual Titan Up Back-to-School Bash in Lorain! Plus, Elyria City Council has voted to create a diversity, equity, and inclusion committee that will take a deeper look at city practices that will make Elyria more competitive as an employer.

8-2-23 This week, the guys talk about upcoming renovations to the North Ridgeville Branch of the Lorain Public Library System and some of the additions the branch is receiving. Plus, over 100 motorcyclists revved their motors down Route 57 on Sunday as Dave explains how they honored a pair of fellow bikers who were tragically killed this past week.

7-26-23 This week, the guys talked about the rising temperatures across northern Ohio that could see the heat index surpass 100! Plus, Kevin shared the latest on construction plans for about 100 apartments at the site of the former Thomas Jefferson school on Foster Avenue.

7-19-23 This week, the guys discuss yet another wave of poor air quality coming through Lorain County from those Canadian wildfires. Plus, the Lorain County Metro Parks is seeking what will be a rather important replacement levy on the upcoming November ballot.

7-12-23 This week, the guys talk about a documentary on mental health being made by a longtime YouTube and social media sensation, Elyria native Aaron Hall. Plus, the journey has officially come to an end for the Journey Inn in Elyria as the guys take a look at the building, along with others who are facing trouble throughout the city.

7-6-23 This week, the guys discuss a potential levy that voters in the Amherst school district could see on the November ballot. Plus, one young man from Wellington is taking drones to the next level by using them to start his own drone agricultural business!

6-28-23 This week, the guys discuss potential parking lot changes coming to local businesses following last week’s incident at Pickering Hill Farms in Avon. Plus, the guys recap the seventh annual Marquis McCall tournament in Lorain that looks to help put a stop to gun violence in the community.

6-21-23 This week, the guys discuss a continued investigation and review into the North Ridgeville Police Department and some of the issues they are facing. Plus, the guys check in on Lorain City Council and the guests of international royalty they had this week!

6-14-23 This week, the guys take a look at how a nice chunk of ODOT funding will be used in Avon Lake. Plus, in North Ridgeville, an outside law firm will be looking into some complaints from the North Ridgeville Police Department as Dave shared the latest.

6-7-23 This week, the guys talk about a proposal for a joint Elyria-FBI training facility that some locals are opposing. Plus, the Lorain Police Department is logging off social media for now, as Dave tells us why.

5-31-23 This week, the guys talk about Durling Middle School 7th grader Bridget Smith, who won the Lorain County Spelling Bee and is headed to Washington D.C. this week to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee! Plus, a couple of local high school students took up the role of Dave this month as they served as reporters for the 2023 Dazzle Awards in Cleveland.

5-24-23 This week, Dave and Rocco discuss a potentially huge financial deficit for the Lorain Schools in the coming years. On a brighter note, one Elyria High School senior will have her award-winning artwork on display down in our nation’s capitol!

5-17-23 This week, the guys are all over Avon Lake as the city embraces a ceramic poppy field to honor the fallen from World War I. Plus, the guys go over who is taking home Avon Lake’s citizens AND projects of the year!

5-10-23 This week, the guys recap development plans for the Nagel Crossing project in Avon being pushed back over concerns with drive-thru lines. Plus, it’s not always easy to get a man to shave his beard, especially one he’s had for 20 years! But, enter a fight against leukemia and, well, a razor may come out after all.

5-3-23 It’s election week! What races and results should you be concerned about? And what’s the latest construction update near Jaycox and Detroit in Avon?

4-26-23 This week, the guys discuss the controversy behind Sheriff Phil Stammitti’s investigation into the way the county has gone about securing a new emergency radio system for deputies and other emergency first responders. Plus, the guys take a look at Elyria City Council’s ongoing discussions regarding remaining ARPA funds.

4-19-23 This week, the guys talk about a new “Make-A-Wish” project coming to the city of Avon. Plus, Elyria may not be able to afford maintaining pools on every side of the city as Dave shared the latest.

4-12-23 This week, the guys go over the latest in the city of Lorain. On the east side of the city, a new go-kart and motorsports complex could be coming following a vote by the Lorain County Commissioners. Plus, no pool, but a splash pad could be on the way to Oakwood Park.

4-5-23 This week, the guys discussed Oberlin City Council’s latest resolution in asking the Lorain County Commissioners to reconsider its repeal of a contract with Cleveland Communications Inc. to provide public safety radios to first responders. Plus, the former Lorain Products building on Lorain’s east side has finally met the wrecking ball as the guys talked about potential redevelopment options.

3-29-23 This week, we’re talking radios on the radio as the Elyria Fire Department continues their push for upgraded equipment, including a new aerial firetruck and new radios. Plus, Joelle Magyar has been named the next superintendent of the Avon Lake Schools as the guys take a look at her background and what she will bring to the Shoremen community.

3-22-23 This week, the guys discuss upcoming development plans at Chestnut Commons in Elyria and some of the feedback the project is getting from residents. Plus, in Lorain, new luxury apartments could be coming to the 8th Ward, which has mixed reactions from locals.

3-15-23 This week, the guys break down Elyria City Council’s finance committee’s final approval of the 2023 budget as it gets sent to full council next week. Plus, Dave shares the latest out of Avon Lake as the city looks to upgrade their cybersecurity services amidst a number of scams going around town.

3-8-23 This week, the guys take a look at what Elyria Mayor Frank Whitfield had to say about the upcoming deadline for approval for the 2023 Elyria city budget. Plus, in Lorain, the city is backing upgrades coming to the Black River Landing as the guys take a look at what changes could be coming to the area.

3-1-23 This week, Avon was awarded a “Tree City USA” designation as the guys talk about what that means for the community and why the city takes pride with that title. Plus, members of a Lorain parish rallied down in Washington D.C. to support Ukraine as they continue their fight for peace.

2-22-23 This week, the guys discuss a really unfortunate car crash that led to serious damage at Expresso Bakery in Elyria. Plus, one group is pushing for free meals for Ohio’s students as Dave gives us the latest update.

2-15-23 This week, the guys touch on the latest development plans around Chestnut Commons and what traffic concerns Elyria residents have. Plus, Dave breaks down former Lorain County 911 Director Harry Williamson dropping his lawsuit against Lorain County officials.

2-8-23 This week, the guys take a look at the latest “player” in the county’s ongoing emergency responder radio contract lawsuit. Aside from those metaphorical fireworks, real fireworks are now ok in Elyria according to Elyria City Council! Well, at least for some holidays.

2-1-23 This week, the guys discuss the long-awaited completion of the expansion at the Avon Branch of the Lorain Public Library System and the open house the branch is having this Saturday. Plus, we congratulate Maya Austerman, a girls basketball player at Avon Lake, for receiving the Courage Award at the Cleveland Sports Awards!

1-25-23 Dave and Rocco talked about the recent lawsuit between Lorain County and Cleveland Communications Inc., after the commissioners rescinded a new radio contract for emergency first responders. Plus, the guys take a look at “Elyria”, a new off-Broadway play that premiers next month in New York!

1-18-23 This week, the guys discussed the Lorain County Port Authority voting to purchase a 58-acre portion of the Midway Mall and what kind of development options they are considering. Plus, Elyria Mayor Frank Whitfield unveiled the new “Our Elyria” plan on MLK Day, which looks to encourage community involvement in important city decisions.

1-11-23 This week, the guys discuss the Lorain County Commissioners rescinding the county’s new radio communications contract with Cleveland Communications Inc. that was favored by county fire chiefs, the sheriff, and his deputies. Plus, North Ridgeville will try again this year to get the funding they need for school expansion along with other city updates.

1-4-23 This week, the guys go over the beginning of Lorain Mayor Jack Bradley’s reelection campaign, plus, a look at the “Our Elyria” plan that will help residents be involved in rewriting city planning and zoning codes.

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