Guardians Lawsuit

On Wednesday, the Cleveland Indians, soon-to-be Guardians, were sued by a local co-ed roller derby team that shares the same name. Those Guardians, based out of Parma, have competed since 2014. They say they made the baseball club well aware of their team name early in in the Indians’ name-change process. However, it is clear the roller derby team feels wronged by negotiations, or lack thereof. A spokesman from the baseball club is reported to have a statement ready at some point on Wednesday.

Gary Sweatt, owner of the Guardians’ roller derby team, says “We know are in the right, however, and just like our athletes do on the track, we will put everything into this effort at the courthouse”.

The roller derby team has not competed since 2019 due to the pandemic.

According to Crane’s Cleveland Business, the roller derby team did not file for its own trademark application until four days after the baseball team did so this past July. Will there be two “Guardians” in Cleveland?

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