Bull’s Eye on the Afternoon

Weekdays from 3pm-6pm on WEOL is being taken over by Andy “Bull” Barch and Matt Douglass on the areas newest show, Bull’s Eye on the Afternoon.

For the past few years, Lorain County residents have heard Andy during the summers as the “Voice of the Lake Erie Crushers.”  Andy was also the Director of Sports Information at Notre Dame College in South Euclid.

The nickname, “Bull”, came from a former colleague who thought he resembled the character Bull Shannon from the TV show, “Night Court”.

Joining Andy in the Afternoons will be Matt Douglass.  For the past year and a half, Matt has been heard on the WEOL Morning Show, on high school football and basketball games, and has been actively involved with WEOL broadcasts at community festivals and live remotes.

After shows air, you will be able to find interview’s and other fun stuff right here on the Bull’s Eye in the Afternoon webpage.

Archived Interviews


April 26

3:40-Paul Baumgartner with the Lorain County Free Clinic joined us to talk about Friday’s “A Taste of Italy” event in Avon Lake.

4:10-Chad Forbes, NFL Draft guru joined us to talk about the prospects, the potential trade scenarios and more surrounding the draft this weekend.

4:40-Scott Janowiec coached Eric Lauer at Midview in 2013, and he stopped by to talk to us about Lauer, who made his Major League Baseball debut with the San Diego Padres on Tuesday night.

5:10-Tom Kubuski is being inducted into the Elyria Sports Hall of Fame and he joined us to talk about his career.

April 25

3:40-Jon Laird is being inducted into the Elyria Sports Hall of Fame on May 5, and he joined us in studio to tell us all about his playing days, and what he does today.

4:10-Jim Rosenhaus with the Cleveland Indians Radio Network joined us to discuss Inter league play, the Tribe’s incredible rotation and more.

April 24 From Nick Abraham Elyria Ford for the Elyria Sunrise Rotary Pizza Challenge

4:10-Chuck Sturgill with Nick Abraham Elyria Ford sat down with us to discuss how they transition the show room to make it ready for the pizza challenge, told us about some great deals they have going on through July 4, and worked in a little Keystone softball talk as well.

4:40-Frank Whitfield with the Elyria Sunrise Rotary Club stopped by to tell us all about this year’s Pizza Challenge event and what the funds raised at the event allow the Rotary Club to do.

5:10-Phil Savage, Former Browns GM and Executive Director at the Senior Bowl joined us to talk about the NFL Draft.

April 23

4:10-Rick Noland, Cavs beat writer for the Chronicle-Telegram and Medina Gazette joined us to talk about the first four games of the series between the Cavs and Pacers.

5:10-Al Harris, our Hollywood insider gave us the rundown on this weekend’s box office surprises, and told us what to watch for this week.

April 20

3:40pmNathan Barnhart spoke about the upcoming Believeland Beerfest being held April 28th at the Hutington Convention Center downtown. 10:57

4:40pm – Cleveland Browns beat writer for the Chronicle Telegram, Scott Petrak, gave us his thought on the Browns 2018 schedule and the upcoming draft. 10:40

April 19

3:40-Shawn Dunagan with WBNS-TV in Columbus paid us a visit to talk about Ohio State’s Spring Football game, and talked about the Columbus Blue Jackets as well.

4:10-Jim Rosenhaus with the Tribe paid us his weekly visit to discuss Wednesday night’s crazy 16-inning loss as well as the loss of power in Puerto Rico while the Tribe was in town for a two-game series.

5:10-Rebecca Deaton and Shawn Deaton from Rebecca’s Sweets & Treats joined us to talk about the Cupcakes for Autism event on Saturday, April 28 in Avon Lake.

6:10-Brianne McLaughlin, who is being inducted into the Elyria Sports Hall of Fame joined us to talk about her career, and how she found out she was being inducted.

April 18 Live from “A Taste of Elyria”

3:40-Terri Hodgeman with Life Care Center of Elyria joined us to tell us all about this  year’s “A Taste of Elyria” event and all of the individuals involved. (6:26)

3:50-Donna with Donna’s Reiki Wellness was one of the vendors at the event, and told us what Reiki is exactly, and how it has affected to many people in a positive way. (7:22)

4:10-Natalie Mariano with the American Heart Association told us about the organization, what they do, and explained what all is happening at this year’s Lorain County Heart Walk. (5:16)

4:20-Chef Brian Roberts, the Head Chef at the Foundry prepared a few fantastic items for us at the event, and told us what has made them so great. (7:24)

4:40-Steph from Smitty’s stopped by to give us a a few burgers and some chili and talked about the patio, which will hopefully open soon. (6:44)

4:50-Attorney Margaret Karl joined us to tell us why the cause for the American Heart Association is so important to her. (3:54)

April 17

4:10-Al Harris, our Hollywood Insider joined us to talk about the weekend results at the box office, television series spin offs and more. (15:41)

5:10-Tom Studer and Don Sheldon from the LCADA Way joined us to talk about the facilities in and around the county that are being used to address the opioid epidemic. (15:53)

April 16

3:40-Judge John Miraldi joined us to talk about the Lorain County Recovery Court, and the affect it has had on the community over the first two years of existence. (13:09)

5:10-Duane Hawkins is being inducted into the Elyria Sports Hall of Fame, and he was in studio to tell us how he found out he was being inducted, and what it was like being recruited by so many Colleges during his playing days. (17:18)

April 13

3:40pm – This weekend the Lorain Community Music Theater will begin Auditions for their upcoming performance of Anything Goes. Music Director Anthony Trifiletti joined Bull and Matt to talk about those auditions and his vision for the classic musical. 11:23

April 12

3:40-Mark Fundak with the Bag Lady Tour joined us in studio to discuss this year’s Spring event which runs through the next two weekends. (11:53)

4:10-Jim Rosenhaus with the Cleveland Indians paid us his weekly visit to talk about the red hot Tribe, and discussed what they need to do to keep their winning streak alive. (15:52)

5:10-Peter Funt with Candid Camera joined us to talk about the program’s incredible success and remarkable run over the last 8 decades, and told us what to expect when he brings the show to LCCC’s Hoke Theater on April 22. (14:10)

April 10

4:10-Michael Warshauer, our Hollywood Guru joined us to talk about which network television show are on the cusp of being renewed or being cancelled. (17:38)

5:10-Ryan Mitchell with the Columbus BlueJackets radio network joined us to talk about their incredible run at the end of the season, and previewed their playoff matchup against the Washington Capitals. (17:23)

April 9 from Lorain County Community College

3:20-Regan Silvestri and Kathy Koepp talked about Magical Science! (9:23)

3:40-Jennifer Krupa told us all about the Center for Life Long Learning. (10:22)

3:50-Dean Johnson and Amber Cabassa explained why the Spitzer Conference Center is a great place to host an event. (8:16)

4:10-Chef Adam Schmith and Jack Wagner, one of his students, explained to us the ins and outs of the Culinary Arts program, and why the experience at Sage and Seed is so great. (11:38)

4:20-Harry Kestler and Leanna Boone, one of his students joined us to discuss the American Society of Microbiology student chapter. (9:19)

4:50-Joan Perch told us about the first two phases of the Campana Ideation and Invention Center and what makes it so special. (13:51)

5:10-Tracy Green gave us more details on the new Bachelor’s Degree in MicroElectronic Engineering and why the people at LCCC make it such a great place to be. (11:47)

5:20-Dina Ferrer gave us the details on the Lorain Learning Center why the accessibility has made it so convenient for so many. (9:16)

5:40-Ray Carbonell explained why the CoreTech counter at the LCCC Bookstore has everything you need before, during and after the school year. (10:54)

April 5 from the Brew Kettle in Amherst

3:40-Dave Covell, Lorain County Public Health Commissioner joined us to discuss the issues that arise with Septic systems in the spring, and the kinds of activities they have planned for older adults. (12:03)

4:10-Gretchen Unico with the Cleveland History Center joined us to discuss their History on Tap series on April 21, which features Baseball and Beers. (14:37)

5:10-Kevin Cross with the Brew Kettle in Amherst stopped by to tell us about their Daily Specials, the Ticket Giveaway, their Mother’s Day Brunch, their patio, party room and more. (9:22)

April 3

4:10-Jim Rosenhaus joined us to talk about the Tribe’s first four games of the season, and what to expect over the final two games of the first road trip of the year before they come home on Friday. (16:39)

6:10-Patrick Shepherd, a Wellington native, works with the Cleveland International Film Festival which starts on Wednesday, and he told us all about this year’s festivities. (7:36)

April 2

3:40-Tim Gebhardt with the Chronicle-Telegram stopped by to talk about the early stages of the High School Baseball season. (12:56)

4:10-Chad Forbes stopped by to talk about the NFL Draft and told us what kinds of options are available for the Browns. (13:15)

5:10-Al Harris, our Hollywood Guru paid us his weekly visit and talked about this recent trend of reboots. (16:19)

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